Lina Wilde

Student | Healer

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 10 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • France


Name: Lina Charlotte Wilde
Nickname: Lyn, Charlie
Birthday: 11th June
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland
Childhood town: Edinburgh
Blood Status: Pure Blood
House : Slytherin
Wand : Maple wood, phoenix feather core, 10 ¾", slightly springy flexibility
Patronus: Calico Cat
Personality Type : INFJ/P


My mum taught me since I'm a baby that we have all a power inside of us. She told me we were also wizards and witches and, in our family, most of the women were healers. I "hear the call" when I was still a child and mum told me I was quite talented at healing people.
Thus, I was not surprise when I received my Hogwarts Letter.
I was so excited because my big brother, Alexander, was already there for almost 3 years and I couldn't wait more to go myself. He went to Diagon Alley with me and helped me buy all I needed. I think my favorite store was Flourish and Blotts because I love books but I also liked all the small stalls and peddlers!

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