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“What does blackjack want?” Asked Piper “Donuts, Always donuts”

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Hi I absolutely love Harry Potter!
I have read all the books 5 times!
I love writing in the library and have made lots of books!
I’m the author of the backstory of mad-eye-Moody , best Harry Potter memes and the profile coding tutorial!
I created a group called ‘the all house quidditch team’.
My best subjectS are defence against the dark arts and COMC.

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I love playing quidditch in all my free time.
I love animals especially nifflers!
Owl me if you need anything!

Best friends on HiH

River di Angelo (Angie)


Lara Jean

J.J Shaw


Kahala Naga

Quotes from my friends <3 thanks!

From libs :
Willy. I remember when he was Sirius Black. I've known Willy for a long time now! He is really sweet and kind. He has always supported me through my passions and been in all my groups to add fun! We can relate a lot. Willy is a very pure and good soul. <3

From Angie : *clears throat* "Willy is an amazing person. He's always making us laugh and he's soooooo kind! I love his solangelo memes (solangelo FOREVERRR!!!) and he's also a PJO fan :) he's also always there for us. Thanks for everything, Dobby!!!"

From Kahala : Will Di Angelo. You are one of the hardest Solangelo shippers I have ever met (including myself XD) and can ALWAYS start up a conversation (or an extreme argument, lol) by mentioning Will and Nico. You are also very patient, kind, and funny. There are some days where our Solangelo conversations brighten up my life. Besides that, you always find the best memes, and make my day. (And make me start laughing so hard that I start crying sometimes.) So, thank you for being my friend! It means a lot, and I really appreciate your friendship! (SOLANGELO 4 EVER!!!)

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I also play minecraft sometimes
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