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we are all real people (for the most part) there are a few alters on here, but not a whole system, some of the alters are from different systems. no, we will not tell you who are alters and who are not. there are siblings too. you'll notice, most of the people on her are my (nyx) friends or siblings. more people joined because they are the siblings of my friends (although eli was friends with karl which is how i met ellie.


just know, we are NOT all one person. when we get new people they're most likely siblings or alters, but also can be more friends


nyx jackson

claire jackson

nat/natalia jackson

ellie    stodmister  

maeve   jen se n (a demisexual omniromantic to be specific)

azail jade fairfield

adele maxford

elyse maxford

fer n  su mmers

carmen fairfield

haven christensen

grace harden

noah soot

trey  larson

o  ri  on lars  o n

eli/elijah jackson

karl   stodmister♥️

this color=questioning/queer

no color=straight

(sexuality wise)

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