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<font face=calibri>First Year Gryffindor trying to learn everything I can about magic.

Oh, and break the record for the number of Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Beans you can stuff in your mouth without throwing up.

- Former ASTR-101 PA
- Former member of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
- Currently mega inactive and have left the site

Indira ↠ splendid
Reneé ↠ reborn
Thornton ↠ thorn bush

<summary>01 | general information</summary>
Full Name ↠ Indira Reneé Thornton
Birthdate ↠ January 19th
Birthplace ↠ Stirling, Scotland
Blood status ↠ Half-blood
Siblings ↠ Thomas, Adelaide, Roselynn (Indira is the third-youngest)

House ↠ Gryffindor
<small>Secondary House ↠ Ravenclaw</small>
Wand ↠ Aspen wood, dragon heartstring core, 11 ¾" and reasonably supple flexibility
Pet ↠ A female tawny owl named Starr

The Logician
Introvert | Intuitive | Thinking | Perceiving | Analyst

General Appearance:
By the time Indira was eleven, she was a bit shorter than average, about four feet and seven inches tall. She has wavy black hair that hangs just a few inches below her shoulders, and dark brown eyes. She can be usually seen wearing her Hogwarts robes and her hair tied up, but occasionally she wears fancier attire for dressier occasions.

<summary>02 | backstory</summary>
Indira Thornton, born on January 19th in Stirling, Scotland to Kierran and Isadel Thornton, was an inquisitive child. She asked daily questions and wondered how the world worked. She was fascinated with magic, wanting to plunge herself into the world of the unknown. Indira had two older siblings, and the eldest, Thomas, was beginning his first year at Hogwarts when Indira was two. Indira adored magic and was very proud of her older brother. Her favorite pastimes were watching her mother Apparate to the Ministry every morning, seeing her parents perform magic every day, and watching her siblings as they proudly showed her their progress when they came home over their breaks.

Indira didn't show any signs of magic until a few weeks before her seventh birthday. By that point, Indira's parents were wondering if she was a Squib. It was a relief for everyone, especially Indira, when she set the wardrobe on fire. Indira's mother put out the fire quickly and smiled brightly at Indira. Indira was overjoyed, because she had been awaiting attending Hogwarts for so long that she would be devastated if she wasn't going to.

A few months after Indira's seventh birthday, things began to get a bit rocky between Indira's parents. A couple of months later, Indira's parents had divorced. Indira's father moved to Canterbury, England [1], where his parents resided, and Adelaide and Roselynn moved with him. Indira was particularly devastated because she would miss the nights stargazing with her father, reading with Adelaide, and bonding with Roselynn. Her father, upon realizing this, assured her that Adelaide and Roselynn would still be attending Hogwarts.

Indira was fascinated with Diagon Alley and all the magic bustling around. Her favorite part must've been when she had gotten her wand, or when she had bought her owl, a female tawny owl whom she had named Starr because her eyes looked starry. She immediately adored Starr. On September 1st, Indira clutched her train ticket and ran straight through the barrier, pushing a cart with her trunk and Starr. Indira was quite lonely on the train ride, however. Her parents had given her a few Galleons before the train departed, and her mother added that she should definitely try a Chocolate Frog. Taking Isadel's advice, she bought a few Chocolate Frogs and sat a corner of the compartment with her head down, munching on Chocolate Frogs while reading Hogwarts: A History.

After the boat ride and her first glance at Hogwarts, the First Years entered the Great Hall. Indira felt extremely uncomfortable as the older students watched them. She spotted Adelaide at the Ravenclaw table and Thomas at the Hufflepuff table, and felt a rush of relief. After "Senford, Jade!" was called, she heard her own name. "Thornton, Indira!" Indira clambered up to sit on the wooden stool, and the Sorting Hat was lowered on her head. She could barely see over the brim. For three minutes and fifty-two seconds, which felt like an eternity to Indira, the Hat muttered thoughtfully in her head. The Hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!" and Indira stumbled off the stool to sit beside another First Year Gryffindor girl.

Indira did much better at Hogwarts than she thought. She immediately dived into the courses. delving into magic and taking a liking to hands-on experiences. Care of Magical Creatures was among her favorites, as well as Herbology, Transfiguration, and Astronomy, along with some others. She was devastated that she was not allowed to try out for her House team during her first year, but in her second year, as soon as tryouts opened, she immediately signed up. To Indira's surprise, she was able to get in the team as a Chaser and became co-captain soon after (see here for more). You can find her on the Pitch training, in the common room working on homework, or in the library reading.

Hmm, now here's a tough one! You have quite the brains... quite a lot of bravery and the hard worker, too. Ambitious and resourceful... where to put you, where to put you? Oh, well... it better be GRYFFINDOR!

<summary>03 | grades</summary>
↬ First Year
ASTR-101: O (97.4%)
CHRM-101: O (91.0%)
DADA-101: O (96.0%)
HERB-101: O (100.0%)
HOM-101: O (93.5%)
PTNS-101: O (95.5%)
TNFG-101: O (96.4%)

↬ Second Year
ALCH-201: O (96.6%)
ANCR-201: O (98.5%)
ASTR-201: [waiting for revised lessons]
COMC-201: O (96.0%)
CHRM-201: Awaiting Grades
DADA-201: O (90.4%)
DIV-201: O (99.5%)
HERB-201: O (93.7%)
HOM-201: O (95.1%)
PTNS-201: E (84.1%)
TNFG-201: O (94.5%)

↬ Third Year
ALCH-301: In Progress
ANCR-301: Not Started
ANST-301: Not Started
ASTR-301: Not Started
COMC-301: In Progress
CHRM-301: Not Started
DADA-301: Not Started
DIV-301: Not Started
HERB-301: In Progress
HOM-301: Not Started
MUST-301: Not Started
PTNS-301: Not Started
TNFG-301: Not Started

*I'm currently working through third year courses alphabetically!

<summary>04 | shoutouts</summary>
Credit: Starlee Kennedy
(No particular order)

↬ Piper Clark
PIPES!!!! You were the first person I met on this site, and you are beyond awesome. You are so intelligent and a good leader. Congrats on the Quidditch Cup for the five hundredth time! Your future is bright, I know it is, and you're gonna do things that will change the world ;)

↬ Eslanda Autumn
EssEsssss hi hi! I never knew how close we would bond when I found the Quidditch League for the first time. You are absolutely brilliant and I know I can always trust you. You always know the right thing to do and you can always make me laugh. And YES, I will get you down that waterslide one day.

↬ Starlee Kennedy
WATERSLIDE BUDDIES FOR LIFE! Starlee, there's no word to explain you. You're intelligent beyond your years and such a great leader. You handle things with ease and I'll always look up to you! You're hilarious and so much fun to be around. Thank you so much for everything.

↬ Astrid Fairisles
Azzie! I can't fit everything in this. You're so funny and hilarious, smart and kind, and absolutely wonderful to have around. I haven't known you long, but I know you're brilliant. There's always something fun whenever you're around, whether it's yelling our heads off in all caps or throwing fruit around. The Smirking Bananas shall live on ;)

↬ Hannah M. Cohen
Ahhhh Hannah! There's no way I can put everything in this. I love your sparkly personality and bubbly happiness. We can spend hours talking, and our list of similarities keeps going. Hannah, you're amazing. I can't possibly begin to express how much I'm thankful for you always being there.

Thanks to:
✧ Starlee Kennedy
✧ Aurora Lovecraft
✧ Astrid Fairisles
✧ Piper Clark

[1] This character lives in the UK, but the person behind this character lives in the US.
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