Lucyfer Arcana

Curse Breaker/student

Hi guys, I'm Lucyfer, nice to meet you! I love to read, write my own stories, bake, workout and role-play. An hug to all the Hufflepuffs!

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Full Name: Lucyfer Leonard Dante Arcana
Age: 23/16 (depends on rp)
Birthday: August 3rd
Work: Curse Breaker/Teacher/Student (depends on RP)
House: Hufflepuff
Aspect: Not that tall (near 1.8 meter), long light brown hair (mostly tied), green eyes, olive skin. Often wears a light red slimfit shirt with black pants.
Wand: named "Arcana", belonged to the granfather, who passed before i was born; apple wood, unicorn hair, 12,5 inches, pliable.
Family: One little sister (she is a Gryffindor), mother (Gryffindor), father (Ravenclaw). Pure-blood for generations.

When i started my student career in Hogwarts, the sorting hat assigned me to Hufflepuff. The decision was strange for me, cause i lived my past years trying to accumulate an "universal knowledge" about the magic world, a Ravenclaw feature, but a few years later i understood the choice. During my third year, thanks to my results, the Headmistress McGonagall gave me the possibility to meet one of the living legends of the Second Wizarding War, Bill Weasly: he was so charismatic and his work as a curse breaker seemed so exciting, that i decided to spent my student career trying to conquer the H.O.W.L. and the N.E.W.T. necessary to become a curse breaker and work with the older Weasley.

Once graduated, my N.E.W.T. (Defence Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and History of Magic) allowed me to work for Gringott as a Curse Breaker. Unluckly, instead of Egypt, Gringott send me in Italy, my homeland, cause they needed some Renaissance magical artefacts, hidden between Florence and Rome. In 2018, After my first 3 years as a Curse Breaker, i find a secret missive written by Leonardo Da Vinci, where he attested to be a wizard. The scroll reported also the instruction to practice a strange dark ritual. Another Curse Breaker assisted me, Johnathan, graduated the year before. During that night, Jonhatan tried to perform the ritual, but something went wrong and he died. I find his body the next morning. The sadness for the event let me understood what i had to do: my life’s mission would be to found ancient dangerous artifacts and, secretly, donate them to Hogwarts, to ensure that they were kept, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands. Furthermore, I knew that the headmistress McGonagall would use them to warn students (among which there is also my little sister, a Gryffindor) of the dangers that the Magic World holds for them.

I was assigned to Hufflepuff. It was strange, I had more a Ravenclaw attitude, just like my father. I grew up reading tons of books and learning a lot about the ancient civilisations, falling in love for the Egyptian one.
But during my years I met a lot of very nice people. Something weird grew up in me. I felt like if I needed to help all of them, with their studies, with their love problems, with bullies... In particular the last one. My best friend, Michael, was bullied. Is to help him that I decided to be the best Charms and Dada student, I needed to be strong enough to help him.
I'm loyal, brave, curious and smart. Otherwise, I'm a jealous person (not only with gf, but also with friends), touchy and very very very stubborn.
I'm looking for friends, adventures and maybe something special with a girl, but just with the right one.
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