Aurelia Yang


insta: @aurelia.hp • infp • taurus | vine wood with a phoenix feather core, 10" and slightly yielding flexibility | white stallion

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Born to Muggle parents, Aurelia grew up living a typical middle-class life. During childhood, her parents started to notice that she exhibited abnormally high levels of EQ which resulted in her voluntarily self-isolating from the overload of emotions whenever someone new entered the room.

She found solace during walks in the forest, and spent a lot of time running around the foliage and trees. Animals calmed her down, and the open space allowed her mind to be free. Aurelia's parents, on the other hand, were concerned about her delay in social development so they decided to consult a distant family member from whom they heard whispers of being "magically-inclined." It was then they learned that Aurelia could be leaning into what they now know as "legilimens." This was only further confirmed when they received a mysterious letter via owl inviting their daughter to a school called Hogwarts, opening up an opportunity for her to learn how to manage her ability. Finally, Aurelia was enrolled in the Hogwarts International Program via Cultural Exchange at the Mahoutokoro campus in order for her to receive her magical education while still gaining valuable cultural experiences so as to not lose sight of her Asian background.


Her dream is to work alongside Rolf Scamander, studying and living among creatures that have captured her heart.
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