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I like bees, keys, and mac'n cheese. Also memes, D&D, various kinds of music, and tacos. I heckin LOVE tacos. Oh, and coconuts. And casual bongos :)

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I was a pretty average student. I had friends, got by in my classes, and tended to avoid trouble when I could. As a half-blood, I never had to deal with the segregation towards muggle-borns, or the high expectations of pure-bloods, so life was boring. Thankfully, my lack of drama and school-rivalries helped me excel in my favorite classes: Defense and Runes. I figured that if I could become a curse-breaker, I would get l o a d s more action in my life.

So, I became a curse-breaker.

I've been one for about 32 years now, 'just celebrated my 51st birthday last month. I've lived a good life, filled with extravagant tales of mummies and ancient Scottish tombs, always making it past booby-traps by the skin of my teeth. It seems though that my good fortune has run out because 5 minutes ago I touched an object I believed I'd de-cursed, and now I'm back in 4th year with a chip on my shoulder and some blasted memory problems. Oh, well. As long as I'm here, I might as well make the most of it!
Hey folks! I'm Axe, the leader of a slowly amassing cult of Potterheads that wish to interact off-site. (It's not actually a cult, just a soon-to-be-massive group chat XD) If this sounds interesting, please owl me for more in-depth details. Smooches! <3
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