Lucy Peña

Manager of HDN, student

Anyone that needs help can always owl me. I love helping my fellow classmates. I’m smart, Mexican and have a passion for writing.

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 313 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Mexico


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Backstory in progress...

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All the way from México to Hogwarts. I love books,
charms and transfiguration.
I hope to be a healer some day.
I’m a Ravenclaw and proud of it. I also love to read,
write and help my fellow classmates.
I’m in a great club named The official S.P.E.W,
and I’m it’s assistant writer. I love sharing my
Mexican culture with any one that wishes to hear about., credit.

My wand is a Black walnut wood
with a unicorn hair core,
14 ½" and hard flexibility wand.

Quora credit.

My patronus is a hummingbird
My favorite subject is History of Magic.

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The HDN is the Hogwarts Daily News,
we post daily issues in the library.
They are super fun, and really amazing!
The whole team is amazing!
Everyone form the interns, to the members!

I started at the beginning of July,
maybe, being an intern.
It was amazing, an incredible experience!
The person who introduced me to HDN
was Samantha Love.
She is an incredible person,
and the founder, and manager of HDN.

In July 22, I got promoted to be a member!
I was so happy it was amazing!
The best feeling!
The other two people who are really
so amazing are Kaela Black,
and Celeste Evergreen.
They both are co-managers and people
who have also really helped me,
with questions, or things like that!

August 12, I got promoted for co-manager!
It was really the bets thing ever.
I love HDN, I love the team,
I love the HP articles we do! I love everything!
And, that with all the incredible members
we have I was chosen for co-manager,
is really an honor! I love HDN (I cant stop saying this),
and I would love to help however has questions, about HDN!

I’m so grateful for

If you want to learn more about my HDN experience,
I wrote an article about it.

Here is the link

I hope you like it!

I’m officially one of the managers of HDN!! I found out September 23, 2020!
#HDN forever!! <3

So right now I’m one of the managers, and the publisher!

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When you see these arrows it means
you have to click them,
to see what the person put in it.
In this case if you click it
you’ll see my favorite HP things!

<summary>My favorite Harry Potter things!</summary>
< Defensive Spells: Patronus Charm
(Expecto Patronum),
and Shield Charm (Protego).

Offensive Spell for an object:
Reductor curse (reducto).

Offensive Spell for a person:
The banishing charm (depulso).

Healing potion: Wiggenweld potion.

Potions which seem so interesting to me:
The Fire Breathing Potion,
The Cheese-Based Potion,
Erumpent Potion, Regerminating Potion,
and Felix Felices.

Magical Creature: Occamy, Jobberknoll,
and Niffler.

Magical object: Pensive.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
(obviously, since I
am a proud Ranvenclaw).

Magical School: Hogwarts,
second to Hogwarts Ilvermorny.

Transfiguration spell: Reparo
(I would love to fix, things that
I accidentally broke),
and Spongify (how fun could it be to make
things as bouncy as a sponge)!

Harry Potter character: Dobby!

Hogwarts place: The library.

Harry Potter book: so difficult,
Chamber of Secrets,
Order of the Phoenix,
and Deadly Hallows.

Harry Potter movies: the same ones,
and Prisoner of Azkaban.


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Some of the people here in HiH say this about me!

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“Lucy is one of my amazing best friends.
She's always super positive,
and supports everyone with whatever they need.
She's smart, powerful, and super kind!
I love talking to her.
She's a relieving calm in a storm of worries,
being with her is like forgetting your pain.
Thank you for everything!!!"


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"Lucy Peña is someone who's been with me
through light and dark, up's and down's,
bad times and good.
Besides being someone who can calm
almost any situation,
she is simply a really fun person to be around.
If I didn't know her, my time here at HiH
would definitely be different,
in the sense that I wouldn't have someone
like her in my online life.
So, thank you, Lucy, for being here!"

-Kahala Naga

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Lucy is suchhhhh a good person.
Her kindness is her most
beautiful trait.
She is a friend to admire.
She is supporting and loving
no matter what
difficulties you are going through
she is their for you.
You definitely need a friend like
Lucy to stand by
your side and remind you what's right.

-Trinity Libs Valak

Made by Libs

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Lucy, you are yet another amazing writer,
and part of the HDN.
You are super dedicated and you remind me of me!
I had a similar path as you, being an intern,
and working up the ranks in the HDN!
I am so proud of our work and I am thankful you are my friend!

-Celeste Evergreen

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<summary>Ravenclaw House pride!</summary>

Credit: Rowena Ravenclaw, Pinterest. Ravenclaw dripping image, THE CALEB KING. Ravenclaw things, Pinterest. Ravenclaw drawing student with book, Pinterest. Ravenclaw image with only the name, me. Please don’t copy!

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<summary>RP rules.</summary>
1. No cursing please.
2. I invent my character as I go.
3. Please don’t take control of my character.
4. I do almost everything, except inappropriate things (you probably know what are inappropriate things)

Outside from that I love to rp, and I’m excited to do it with you if you want!

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