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I disappear a LOT but if you ever need me, I'll listen and support you! But remember, you are strong, you are beautiful, and you are loved. Mwua! <3

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I was sorted into Ravenclaw house after much stalling on the sorting hats part because I can be put into all of the houses however Ravenclaw suits me the best because I am academically ambitious, intelligent and I love to learn and read. I love all the subjects but in particular astronomy, charms, care of magical creatures and Transfiguration. I am a half-blood but raised in the muggle world. Though I was not in school during the time of Lord Voldemort my parents tell me stories about how life in Ireland was greatly afflicted by the threat of Lord Voldemort and his followers.
I'd say my greatest strength would be how unique I am. But my greatest weakness would be how I get upset if I feel I'm not achieving my highest.
When I finish school I would like to be a successful author and visit the stars. The most fascinating aspect about magic is the variety of spells and potions and just how fantastic it is. I would like to use my magic to help others in good ways.
What I really want is to be happy, to visit space, and to be successful. I have two cats called Minerva and Juno, Minerva is really sweet but doesn't cuddle and Juno is the alpha cat who is really mean unless she likes you, only then is she super sweet and cuddly. My family sometimes gets into arguments about what we think is important. For example, my friends and I are activist for the environment and strive to help animals and the world. When we did an awareness for lost species day, only 10 people came out of 700. I got really mad at my brother but he claimed that he wouldn't miss lunch for that. This made me realize how ignorant and stupid some people can be (the truth hurts sometimes) and this also made me want to help our planet even more.
I'm very nice and loyal but I am considered quite weird.
I can draw really nice pictures ( I've been told) so if you'd like I can design a profile picture or character for fun! However I might not get it done very quick until Summer as I have a lot of work what with doing Muggle Studies and Wizard Studies.
Just tell me if you want me to draw something, I love HP, TMI, Stranger Things, His Dark Materials, Lord of the Rings and more. :D

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