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About me

I am a proud Gryffindor . I was sorted into Gryffindor at my own request ( even though I don`t have any characteristics of a normal Gryffindor) . The Sorting Hat took 5 minutes and 12 seconds to decide my house ( I was so nervous I counted the seconds it took to decide. I really like Defence Against Dark Arts cuz its one of the most interesting subjects. I am a pureblood wizard . AND I HATE ANYONE QUESTIONING MY BLOOD-TYPE . I am treated fairly based on by blood, but I also stand up for muggle-borns . I was not affected much by Voldermort cuz my parents were Aurors . They knew many enchantments to protect us from harm. My greatest strength is knowing a lot of curses. My greates t weakness is that I`m not going to tell you. I love magical creatures so i started my own shop ( check groups created ) . Now it is running successfully . I use magic to help others , especially Muggles ( without them seeing ) .

My past
( When I received my Hogwarts Letter that faithful day, I didn’t know what it would mean. At first I thought it was just a joke, ya know? My sister sometimes played pranks on me, or blamed me when some weird stuff happened around the house. How was I supposed to know regular pencils couldn’t write in all the colors of the rainbow? Anyway, my parents were going to go shopping in London anyway and they figured they would humor me. Boy, the look on their face when we stopped by the Barren Bulldog pub and the sign said “The Leaky Cauldron” instead! The innkeeper was an odd but friendly man, and there were some people to help show us around.

Gender : Male

Wand : Alder wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and suprisingly swishy flexibility

Patronus : Tigress ( I know its weird )

House : Gryffindor


A phoenix called Ash

A crup called Max

A Demiguise called Silver

A Diricawl called Tom

An owl called Zoomed

A hippocampus called dolphins

( never mess with my pets cuz if you mess with the you mess with me and I'm telling you , you never want to mess with me )

Habits : Reading , finding secrets of Hogwarts

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