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I'm a proud Ravenclaw; a very intelligent, clever, determined and loyal 12 year old girl. I'm a blonde and I have stormy gray eyes. The sorting had needed a litle bit of time to think between Ravenclaw or Gryffindor but in the end my intelligence won. My favourite class will probably be Defence Against Dark Arts, History of Magic, Charms or everything that includes brains and exercise to excel on but I guess this will depend on the teachers too. I do well in all classes and I guess I enjoy a litle bit every of them. I'm a half-blood; my mother is the witch and my father is muggle. My status didn't really afect my life in Wizarding World but I'm not treated like a pureblood either. Luckily, I wasn't here during the battle of Hogwarts. My greatest strenght is my intelligence or bravery. My greatest weakness is probably my excessive pride, bad temper or sometimes laziness. I want to change the world in better somehow. In Wizarding World I'll probably want to be a Hogwarts teacher and in muggle world I'll probably want to be an architect. The most fascinating about magic is how it can help you in every thing. I think I'll use magic for all causes, personal causes and the greater good. I have my pet owl. Her name is Athena, after the greek goddess of wisdom, strategy and crafts. She is a very intelligent animal and she's very helpfull too.

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