Cho Granger

Student, author, demigod

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light- Albus Dumbledore.

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 707 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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Name: Cho Granger
Gender: female
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 10 3/4", sycamore wood, unicorn hair, and hard flexibility
Patronus: swan like Cho Chang!
Looks: long light brown hair, blue eyes, white skin.
Likes: reading, writing, drawing and anything educational
Favorite subject(muggle work): writing
Favorite subject(non-muggle work): Charms or Transfiguration
Number of house points: 527
Blood Status: half-blood
Boggart: Failed grades or anything that has to do with discipline at school.
Mirror of Erised: me achieving something incredible in the academic field.
Backstory: I am a half-blood in the Granger-Weasley family. I was delighted to hear I was in Ravenclaw. I have got pretty good grades. I have made a bunch of friends already. I can't wait to see what my years at Hogwarts hold for me!

Also, feel free to contact me if you need help studying! The PAs and the professors probably know better, but I am open all the time!

Books I've written:

The Story of a First Year Ravenpuff
The Triwizard Tournament
The Other School
The Other School part 2
The Song of the Phoenix
The Song of the Phoenix part 2
Why Umbridge is the Worst HP villain

Other things about me: I am a journalist for the Hogwarts Daily News. I absolutely LOVE writing! I am going to enroll in every course I can enroll in for Hogwarts! My favorite song is Titanium by David Guetta (it is playing on my profile). My favorite book is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. My favorite author is Roald Dahl. My favorite book series is Harry Potter (duh) and Percy Jackson! I would like to make friends with all of you guys!

My OCs: (more coming later):

Character name: Emily Webster
Gender: female
House: Ravenclaw
Year: third
Personality: smart, witty, kind, gentle, caring, quiet
Likes: reading, hanging out with friends, class, writing
Dislikes: mean Slytherin kids, people who underestimate her
Wand: Vine wood, phoenix feather core, 11 ⅔”, nice and supple
Patronus: Snowy Owl
Looks: short blonde hair, green eyes, average height, has a warm smile
Blood status: Muggle-born
Backstory: one of her classmates that she didn’t know too well was always following her around. She tried to ignore him, but she just couldn’t. One day he said, “ are a witch.” “A witch?” Emily said, slightly confused. “Follow me,” he said then gestured for her to follow. Later that day, a snowy owl came to Emily with a letter in its claws. “You have got your Hogwarts letter!” said the boy. Then, he took Emily to Diagon Alley where she got her wand and other supplies. She was so excited for Hogwarts.
Relationships: gets along with Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and even a few Gryffindors. She always entertains them with some wit in their conversations. Emily doesn’t get along with the Slytherins very well. They try to claim that they are smarter than her, but Emily always outsmarts them. Is not currently interested in a relationship. She prefers to be single.
Pets: has a snowy owl; the same owl that brought her her letter. Also later realizes that is her Patronus.
Grades: she always gets 100%s although occasionally gets an 90% in History of Magic and Divination.
Quidditch position: the commentator.
Other stuff: she isn’t very popular which is fine with her. Her roommates are two other Ravenclaw girls who happen to be Emily’s best friends.

Name: Maria Walker
Gender: female
House: Hufflepuff
Year: second
Personality: kind, friendly, patient, loyal, calm, all of those Hufflepuff traits
Likes: studying in the Hufflepuff common room, spring, flowers, performing plays, big cities
Dislikes: Gryffindors, Slytherins, Muggle Studies, being called a 'control freak', not achieving a goal,
Wand: Ash wood, dragon heartstring, 10 1/2" unyielding flexibility
Patronus: Badger (because she is so much of a Hufflepuff!)
Looks: long dark brown hair, blue eyes, short height, has a kind look in her eyes
Blood status: half-blood
Backstory: Maria never really went close to her father as he was a Muggle and her mother was a witch. She knew she was a witch since she was two. Maria made many friends in her neighborhood. She got her letter from a barn owl. Maria got a black-and-white cat for a pet.
Pets: a black-and-white cat named Oreo
Relationships: has strong friends in the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff house. Doesn't like Gryffindors and Slytherins. Tries relationships with many boys, but it doesn't turn out well.
Quidditch position: seeker


Name: Sarah Burke
Parents: Athena and Ben Burke
Age: 12 years old. I arrived at camp when I was 7 years old.
Looks: curly auburn hair, bright blue eyes, average height.
Likes: hunting, reading, writing, and playing with friends.
Weapons: bow and arrow and her knowledge
Occupation: camper, but doesn't visit CHB too much because she is a Hunter of Artemis
Backstory: I was raised with only my dad not knowing that I was a half-blood. It was very miserable and I wished for more excitement. I had a couple friends in my neighborhood who were really nice to me. One day, my best friend, Layla, had told me to come with her to some place. She brought me to what she called 'Camp Half-Blood.' And then, a huge owl appeared over my head. "Sarah," she said, "You are the daughter of Athena. The goddess of .wisdom."
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