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Family history:
Jamie Elizabeth Cohan was born on the 25th of November in 1998 in the Scottish town of Stirling. She grew up in the Highlands as the daughter of Frank and Mary Cohan. Together with her two twin brothers Alex and Fynn and her Muggle-born magician parents, she initially spent a happy childhood in the country. However, a tragedy drastically changed the life of the Cohan family. When Jamie was six years old - her two older siblings had just returned from their first year at Hogwarts - a tragedy happened. Indeed, the Cohan family had a sixth member, but rarely speaks of him nowadays. The Cohans' fourth child, David, disappeared without trace on his ninth birthday during a walk in the moor and has not been seen since, despite months of searching and the help of friends from the wizarding and Muggle world. Everyone in the Cohan family dealt differently with this momentous event , but Jamie in particular says almost no more about what happenend in 2004, so hardly anyone at Hogwarts knows about this family drama. If anyone is interested in what happened to David, the wisest thing to do would be to have a quiet talk with Jamie...

About Jamie:
Probably also because of her childhood experiences you can already see that Jamie will develop into a strong personality and woman She is a very tough and intelligent young girl who is not afraid to question everything (much to the chagrin of her brothers) and is looking for adventure. This characteristic has cost her many scars in her still young life and great worries for her parents. So one of her trademarks is a long scar on her right upper arm. She has bushy red-blonde hair, which she grooms more quite than badly and prefers to wear pants instead of dresses and skirts. Due to her often harsh appearance Jamie cannot count too many children from her home village among her friends. On the other hand, the relationships with the people she cares for are the deeper and the stronger the bond. Among her best friends are Muggle boy Christian Miller and the half-blood girl from the nearby orphanage Emma McPhee. Even as a child Jamie dreams of becoming a great witch and dreams of Hogwarts day and night.

Attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry:
Together with her best friend Emma, she enters the Great Hall of Hogwarts and they both expect to be sorted into to the house of Gryffindor. But strangely enough, this dream only comes true for one of the girls. When Jamie puts the Sorting Hat on her head, the Sorting Hat announces that she belongs in Hufflepuff. Jamie sits down at the table of the Huffelpuffs with a horribly twisted face. Shocked and furious, she watches Emma be sorted at Gryffindor a little later and is greeted by the students there. Because of her incomprehension and anger, Jamie misses the opportunity to make contact with her classmates at first. So she is mainly in contact with her non-magical friend Christian per owl. In order to distract herself from her loneliness, Jamie gives her full attention to the subjects and she finds more and more pleasure in learning. Although the rest of her family cannot explain the decision of the Sorting Hat, they support Jamie as much as they can (and as much as she allows). Jamie fortunately finds solace with her twin brothers who also go to Hufflepuff.
She had actually wanted to use her time at Hogwarts to leave the tragedy of her childhood behind and start over, but more and more she finds herself trapped in nightmares about the afternoon in the moor in 2004.
Jamie continues to look forward to the future with hope and anticipation, wondering what the future holds for her...
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