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As a muggleborn wizard ,I was incredibly excited to receive my hogworts admission letter. It better late then never, as Voldemort’s return to power delayed my entry,this explains my age.At welcome feast ,sorting hat stalled for twenty minutes deciding if I should be in Ravenclaw (because of my wits and creativity) or Gryffindor (due to my bravery and passionate nature). At last i was sorted in Gryffindor. I was thrilled to see that Hermione Granger and Professor Mcgonagall were also Ravenclaw /Gryffindor hatstalls. I am most eager to learn about Potions and Defense against the Dark Arts ,however most of the courses interest me. Besides classes I look forward to dueling club ,frog choir and Quiddich(leaning towards beater.My muggle parents try to support my studies ,but it all a bit over their heads. After I finish at Hogworts ,I think I will be an Auror. My wand is
13 inches,made of bloodwood with a phoenix core and is note i also have a muggle degree in biochemistry with some additional experience in molecular biology.
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