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Growing up pureblood, I was very accustomed to magic. Not so much with the strange contractions that the muggles use! Mind you, have you ever tried using a vacuum?! I thought it would suck my soul out like those Dementors! Rather terrifying if you ask me! But definitely a story to tell over Christmas break! The house placed me into Hufflepuff. The Hat did a superb job. Most of my family come from Hufflepuff, except an uncle, who got placed in Slytherin. We don't mention him much, as it starts fights over the holidays.
I love Herbology! It excites me when I get to help others. Not so much with the Dark Arts. That terrifies me!
Potions are horrible! My memory is awful, so I tend to mix the ingredients and create unbelievable catastrophic events! If you think that's bad, wait till you try my cooking!

I would love to help people and creatures! If they have any jobs in the field of caring for creatures and witches and wizards, sign me up!
My dad is an inventor and my mom is an Auror. Dad creates different potions and devices to help the Ministry catch dark witches and wizards.

I have a puppy named Sailor. He's actually an older cousin of mine, who traveled the seas on a sail boat, searching for terrible Witches and Wizards who went dark. He's an Animigus, a small black dog, but when Dad was doing one of his inventions, the spell went wrong and my cousin was trapped. But he's a great companion! He's very loving towards everything and everyone, although, like myself, can get distracted! His real name is Zeddicus Alevaune, and I plan on following in his footsteps one day, and hopefully find a cure for him, but for now I like him the way he is!

Family Tree:.
Grandmother: Lizel Hackerwhim
Half-Blood. Hufflepuff.
Grandfather:. Urick ThesleMoore. Pure-blood. Hufflepuff.
Mother: Astoria Hawthorne (Was ThesleMoore) . Pure-blood. Hufflepuff. Works as an Auror.
Father: Alestor Hawthorne. Pure-blood. Hufflepuff. Is an inventor for the Ministry of Magic.
Older Sister:. Lenora Hawthorne. Third Year. Hufflepuff. Quittage Captain for her year.
Younger Sister: Alauna Hawthorne (Two years behind me) She helps her aunt in the garden.
Aunt: Elanor Wicker. Pure-Blood. Hufflepuff. Owns her own garden and greenhouse.
Uncle:. Cretus Wheatherstone. Slytherin.
On the run from the Ministry of Magic.

My boggart is (will be, since I'm currently a first year) the dark and also the wind howling.

My Patronus is a hedgehog.

My wand is sycamore wood with a phoenix feather core, eleven inches and brittle flexibility.
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