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"I'll fail and lose this fight, Never fade in the dark, Just remember you will always burn as bright" -my chemical romance

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hey, i'm connor, your local aroace emo dude. i love music (especially punk rock), photography, reading, science, star wars, harry potter (obviously), and sports. i always love to roleplay, so if you want to you can post a starter on my wall or owl me (I can also start if you prefer that) i mainly do action, fantasy, or sci-fi, but any genre works (:

♤ more about me ♤

name: connor

gender: male (he/him)

sexuality: aroace

age: 16 (6th year)

blood: muggle born

house: hufflepuff

nationality: irish american

looks: 5'6", brown and red hair, green eyes, freckles

personality: shy, awkward, creative, quiet, autistic, has anxiety and depression

interests: photography, listening to music, (my favorite bands are my chemical romance and green day) reading, nature, basketball, S P A C E (it's my special interest along with mcr) 

♤ roleplaying ♤

✰little to no romance and no mature stuff

✰long responses please! (at least a few sentences if possible)

✰3rd or 1st person, none of the ** thing

✰the main genres i roleplay are action and dystopian, but i can be flexible

✰good grammar/spelling if you can (if you can't i totally understand)

✰no describing plane crashes in detail

✰not a ton of violence please. i'm fine if something is described after the fact but describing someone harming themselves or others is a huge trigger for me :/

for the most part i'm pretty flexible on these, except for the last two cause these are triggers.

here's a feel-good post: //www.hogwartsishere.com/posts/6379498/

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