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--> "I am Cypress Vivian Byrne, nice to meet you!" <--

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Cypress Vivian Byrne
~Name Meanings~
{Cypress} The Cypress tree
{Vivian} Lively
{Byrne} Raven
Cy, CC, Byrne
11-22 (depends on RP)
July 17th
~Blood Status~
~Sexual Orientation~
Chaotic Good
~Home Town~
Burford, Oxfordshire, ENG
Yew, Phoenix feather core, 10 ¾ “, surprisingly swishy flexibility

--> "My last name? It’s pronounced burn" ←

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Status: Alive
Name: Esme {Warner} Byrne
Status: Alive
Name: Clayton Byrne
• Spencer Byrne - 12 years older - Alive
• Finley Byrne -10 years older - Alive
• Elias Byrne - 8 years older - Alive
• Kasper Byrne - 6 years older - Alive
• Myles Byrne - 4 years older - Alive

Status: Alive
Manecoon Cat

~Romantic Partner~
~Best Friend(s)~

--> "I would like to attempt to play quidditch, I don’t think I will get on the team" <--
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~Hair Colour~
Honey Blonde
~Hair Style~
Partly worn up in two buns one on each side of her head, the rest worn down. (her hair is naturally wavy.)
~Eye Colour~
~Skin Tone~
~Body type~
Triple lobe piercing in both ears, hole 1 (4 gauge) Plug, hole 2&3 hoops
None yet
None yet
One along her collar bone that resembles the hawaiian islands.
~Physical Disabilities~

--> "I can fight my own battles thank you very much!" <--
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~Positive Traits~
Creative {She has an extremely wild imagination that can turn a word into a story in a matter of minutes. She tends to always have a sketchbook or a notepad to keep track of all her ideas, she loves to create things, and she loves being able to create new worlds and characters. Before starting her schooling at Hogwarts she and a group of her friends would get together to play Dungeons and Dragons, where she was the Dungeon master, which allowed her a creative outlet in world building, even as she studies at hogwarts she continues to build onto that story}

Emotive {She is loyal, emotional and has good instincts. She as a person can come off as very intense with all her emotions. She is compassionate and sympathetic, caring deeply for those she is close to and she tends to become fairly attached to those special few that she has allowed to become close to her. Empathy is also a strong suit of hers, she is quite in tune with others emotions and this can cause her to become emotionally drained.}

Faithful {Home and family are very important to her, she values emotional ties and tends to become very loyal and protective to those who she holds close. She can be nurturing, she will go out of her way to help and care for those she cares about. And when it comes to romantic relationships she is very loyal, though gaining that loyalty can be a little tricky at first, you have to earn her trust.}

Intuitive { She possesses an almost supernatural sense of intuition, This may be a symptom of the fact that she is a Legilimens, she knows what is in the minds of others. With this gift of hers it is really hard to lie to her and or manipulate her in any way.}

Tender Hearted {Though she tends to have way too many emotions she has difficulty expressing how she feels openly towards others. She shuts down her emotional response when she is hurt, seeming to be emotionally immature at times but she has a unique ability to read others emotions and when she has an interest in another person she tends to become overly attached. She wears her heart on her sleeve, but she is also realistic so she knows that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. So she takes precautions in protecting her heart.}

~Negative Traits~
Moody {She has quite the attitude at times, especially when she becomes jealous. She can become very broody and moody when she feels her emotional needs aren’t being met or when she becomes mad or upset. She can switch moods like the drop of a hat when she feels the need to do so, going from laughing and joking with friends one minute to full on sobbing crying the next, she feels things in a very big way.}

Negative {Tying in with her overly emotional personality and feeling things in a big way she can work herself into a pretty dark place when her mind gets going. She tends to struggle with low self esteem and when she holds a grudge it is for life. More often than not she views the glass as half empty rather than half full.}

Clingy {Her imagination can tend to run wild sometimes and it will cause her to make up scenarios in her mind that aren’t always real, which tends to get her into trouble sometimes. She will cling to and obsess over people and situations until she spins out and has a breakdown.}

Unpredictable {With her intense mood swings and her sensitivity, it makes her very unpredictable mood wise but she can also act rather spontaneously when she feels like it, acting on impulse, flying by the seat of her pants. This tends to get her into trouble more often than not.}

Dungeons and Dragons, Writing stories, Drawing, Fantasy novels, Movies, Magical creatures, Potions, Divination.
Storms, Being ignored, Bullies, Horror movies, flying insects.
Thunder Storms
Dungeons and Dragons, writing, drawing, reading.
~She tends to talk really fast and use her hands when speaking about things she loves or when she is really passionate about a topic
~She bites her bottom lip when nervous.
~Fatal Flaw~
~Mental illness~
~Pet Peeves~
People who pretend to be better than everyone else.

--> "When I get stressed out… It gets harder to control my Legilimency" <--
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Cypress was born in a small town in Oxfordshire, England to a loving muggle family, they weren't overly wealthy but they weren’t poor either. Her father runs a simple tavern with her mother, the food and drink at their place was to die for. She spent a lot of time growing up in the tavern with her brothers when their parents worked late nights and as she got older she would help out and sometimes she would host her dungeons and dragons campaigns with her friends in one of the many booths. Her brothers on occasion would join their campaigns, though they never truly got into it. Her life overall was good, she got along well with her siblings for the most part and her parents provided a good homelife for them. When she received her letter from Hogwarts, at first she was a little shocked and her parents were a little skeptical but the more they looked into it and the more they found out about the wizarding world the more excited she became and the more supportive her parents became.

When she finally made it to Hogwarts her first year she was sorted into Hufflepuff, she fit in well with the other members of her house. Though in the beginning she did suffer from bullying for the first little while but the bullies soon learned not to mess with her.
Cypress has been a ligilimence as long as she could remember, she has brought it up to someone in her muggle family before though she made the mistake of telling her oldest brother. He didn’t really believe her and just told her she’d better learn to control it or their parents wouldn’t want her anymore and that they would send her away to live in a padded room alone for the rest of her life. She was five. She did teach herself to control it, now she can activate it when she wishes unless she is upset. The more stressed or panicked she becomes she will lose more and more control.

--> "I am a fan of tabletop games, and videogames… I guess you could call me a gamer" <--
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