Alyx Stephenson-Reaping


I will do and will succeed.

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<label for="file">Rp Rules</label>

  • <label for="file">Don’t start with one liners, be literate for at least the first few replies and then gradually decrease the amount if you must. </label>

  • <label for="file">If you want to stop the rp, tell me, otherwise I’ll keep going and you’ll just find it a drag. </label>

  • <label for="file">If you plan on leaving for a long span of time i.e., going on hiatus, then I would prefer you tell me of at least post something on your own wall if possible. </label>

  • <label for="file">If you don’t reply for more than 24 hours, I’ll send a message that simply has an ellipses. ‘…’ </label>

<label for="file">OC’s</label>

<label for="file">Alyx Reaping (Main) </label>

<label for="file">Name: Alyx Stephenson-Reaping</label>

<label for="file"> Gender: Gendervoid </label>

<label for="file"> Sexuality: Pansexual and Polyamorous </label>

<label for="file"> Age: Depends on Rp. </label>

<label for="file"> Status: Married to the love of their life <3 </label>

<label for="file"> Looks: </label>

  • <label for="file">Jet black hair that’s hip length and dead straight </label>

  • <label for="file">Pale, snow coloured skin </label>

  • <label for="file">Jet black eyes </label>

  • <label for="file">Thin, malnourished figure. </label>

<label for="file"> Wand: Ebony with reasonably supple flexibility, 11 inches with a dragon heartstring. </label>

<label for="file"> Patronus: Wolf. </label>

<label for="file"> Animagus: Jet black wolf with blood red eyes. </label>

<label for="file"> Personality: </label>

<label for="file">To new or disliked people; </label>

  • <label for="file"> Cold </label>

  • <label for="file">Unnerving </label>

  • <label for="file">Creepy </label>

  • <label for="file">Lonely </label>

  • <label for="file">Freakish </label>

<label for="file">To people they are close to; </label>

  • <label for="file">Loving </label>

  • <label for="file">Kind </label>

  • <label for="file">Protective </label>

  • <label for="file">Playful </label>

<label for="file"> Family: </label>

  • <label for="file">Mother: Unknown, deceased </label>

  • <label for="file">Father: Unknown, deceased </label>

  • <label for="file">Siblings: N/A </label>

  • <label for="file">Partner: Kai Stephenson-Reaping </label>

<label for="file"> Pets: </label>

  • <label for="file">Three-headed dog named Exterreri {Latin for Nightmare} [Only in Harry Potter or other rp’s, not muggle] </label>

  • <label for="file">Phoenix named Fire {Ignis} [Only in Harry Potter or other rp’s, not muggle] </label>

  • <label for="file">Black Cat named Nox {Latin for Night} [All rp’s]</label>


Avery Avis

<label for="file">Name: Avery Avis</label>

<label for="file"> Gender: Female </label>

<label for="file"> S</label><label for="file">exuality: Lesbian </label>

<label for="file"> Age: Depends on Rp </label>

<label for="file"> Status: Single </label>

<label for="file"> Looks: </label>

  • <label for="file">Flame like hair with streaks of red and yellow in the orange. </label>

  • <label for="file">Bright green eyes </label>

  • <label for="file">Pale skin </label>

  • <label for="file">Semi-thin </label>

<label for="file">Wand: 12 inches with a unicorn hair, Elm Wood and flexible. </label>

<label for="file"> Patronus: Fox </label>

<label for="file"> Animagus: N/A </label>

<label for="file"> Personality: </label>

  • <label for="file">Sweet </label>

  • <label for="file">Loving </label>

  • <label for="file">Caring </label>

  • <label for="file">Playful </label>

  • <label for="file">Cheerful </label>

<label for="file"> Family: </label>

  • <label for="file">Mother: Emma Avis, Alive </label>

  • <label for="file">Father: Alexander Avis, Alive </label>

  • <label for="file">Siblings: </label>

<label for="file">                               - Older brother – James Avis, Alive</label>

                               - Younger sister – Sandra Avis, Alive.

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