Wendelin Blackwood


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I am a mysterious being who is a Slytherin that reminds you of a brooding, lonely artist. I am older than one would think. I have slightly large, round black eyes that resemble black holes in space. My thick and soft, curly black hair moves like smoke. It is of long length with bangs. My hair is sometimes worn in a style resembling a headdress. Most of the time I wear it down with a crown made of animal bones. I am very tall with a voluminous build and long legs. My skin is the color and smoothness of a marble statue. I’ve got a high forehead, no eyebrows (I draw them on with the power of makeup, sometimes no at all), a thin small nose, prominent cheekbones, a small mouth with thin lips, ears that look like bat wings, dainty feet and long boney fingered hands with sharp pointy nails. I am always wearing droopy black clothes with platform boots. I always wear a locket and vial of blood around my covered neck. I’m always wearing red eye shadow and black lipstick. Some call me freakish and I’m okay with that. My wand is long, detailed, made of Willow, and has a core made of Merfolk bones.

My activities include: studying for my classes, reading any book I can get my hands on, sneaking into the forbidden forest for research and adventures, painting, listening to classical music and hunting down food. I love reading and learning about Magical Creatures. My father is a “muggle” and my mother was a Witch (she died giving birth to me and my twin brother). And my animal companion is a bat named Vlad. I am half Vampire, half Witch.

Don’t let my looks scare you away, I’m generally friendly unless you cross me or approach me while I’m hungry.
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