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jasper antares wildfare

☞ pronouns: he/him
☞ birthday: may 17th
☞ relationship status: single
☞ sexuality: pansexual
☞ physical appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, not that tall, kinda skinny

⇢ gryffindor ⇠
⊹ favorite subject: history of magic
⊹ wand: reed, dragon heart string, 15"
⊹ patronus: crow
⊹ favorite place: astronomy tower

☽ soundtrack of my life ☾

¹ trouble - cage the elephant

² beautiful boy - john lennon

³ kiwi - harry styles

⁴ if you know that i‘m lonely - fur

⁵ genesis - armors

⁶ body talks - the struts

⁷ don‘t blame me - taylor swift

⁸ knee socks - arctic monkeys

⁹ idfc - blackbear

✵ backstory ✵

Jasper Wildfare was raised by his parents, a little bit outside of London. His parents got a high ranking job in the french ministry of magic when Jasper was 5 years old so they moved to France. Last year, they all moved back because his parents got a better job in the british ministry of magic.
They moved back into their manor and Jasper finally got to go to Hogwarts.

He quickly realized that it was very different from Beauxbatons - but the people were all the same.
There were still huge crowds of people whenever he walked through the hallways. The students were admiring him, envying him. They either wanted to be him or with him.

Jasper has always been a heartbreaker. He was naturally good-looking, smart and funny. He felt emotions deeply and was more empathetic than most people. Jasper was confident and flirty. He liked to spend time with his real friends rather than a group of people he barely knew.

He never had to worry about money or his future because his parents were very rich and appreciated in the magical society. Jasper didn’t really care about this or his power. He just wanted to live a happy and successful life, find love and fight for human rights. He has always been a huge feminist and activist for social justice.

He loved rock and indie music, the beach, reading, partying and figuring out who‘s heart to break next.

And even though he was known as the „heartbreaker“ - he always wanted to find someone who really loved him...

” all i want is to flip a switch, before something breaks that cannot be fixed “
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