Rowan Lupin


Hi! I am the son of Remus and Tonks. I am a metamorphmagus and can also transform into a wolf. See bio for more!

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Name: Rowan Lupin
Age: 11
Birthplace: Southern Yorkshire, England
Parents: Nymphadora Tonks, Remus Lupin
Siblings: Lex Lupin-Malfoy, Teddy Lupin

Wood: Beech, with a unique carved Blackthorn handle.
Length: 13 inches
Core: Billywig Shell and Dragon Heartstring
Flexibility: supple and flexible



Hi! My name is Rowan Lupin, son of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Contrary to popular belief, Remus and Tonks didn't actually die in the battle of Hogwarts, but instead were simply incapacitated for a few days afterwards and were then revived. This meant they went on to have two more children, me and my twin sister Lex Lupin-Malfoy (who was adopted by the Malfoy family). I am a metamorphmagus like my mother, with a rare ability to transform into a wolf at will due to my metamorphmagus and werewolf genes. I can change my appearance at will, but generally choose to look like a tall, somewhat tanned boy with green eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. I am also gender fluid so I may sometimes become a female ;) I am bisexual


Although I am a gender fluid metamorphmagus, I am usually in the form of a boy. I am tall for my age, with thick brown hair, slanted eyes that are a bright green colour, upturned eyebrows and a smallish nose. I am fairly tanned. I also have long fingers.


I am currently a first year at Hogwarts. My favourite subjects are Defence Against The Dark Arts and Astronomy, but I am good at most subjects, being a Ravenclaw. However, I was a hatstall; the Sorting Hat had a hard time choosing between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, at at one pont considered putting me in Slytherin! My sister Lex is in Slytherin. Next year I might consider studying Muggle Studies, Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures and possibly Arithmancy.


I would quite like to become an auror when I leave Hogwarts, or possibly a curse-breaker. I would love to travel the world, but I would hate to be stuck in an office. Being a healer would be okay, but I'm not interested in herbology enough for it to be a worthwhile career for me. Working in law enforcement would be my ideal choice, despite the tough training.



I have a great relationship with all my family, especially my father Remus Lupin. My sister Lex left to be raised by Draco Malfoy when our family had very little money, though we are still very close. We are very similar in appearance and ability: though she is Slytherin we both are Metamorphmagi and have an unusual ability to transform into a wolf at will. Teddy Lupin, my brother, also has a great relationship with us both, despite practically living with the Potters, and being much older than us both. He is currently in his sixth year at Hogwarts. I have a pet wolf that I have raised from a cub at home, and a kneazle that I bring to school with me.



Lex and I have a very unusual ability: our metamorphmagus genes seem to have fused with our werewolf genes to create an odd mutation where we can shapeshift into a wolf form at will. This comes in very handy sometimes when we want to get out of trouble! We both have powerful magic: wands with two cores. My patronus is a wolf, similar to my parents', although it sometimes becomes a horse and no one really knows why. 


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