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Hi! I'm Lorelei Groff. But, if you wanna talk to the actual me, I'm Kat! I like drawing and I love to write, too! If you have any questions, ask!

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I'm very interested in Potions. VERY interested. Like, I grew up surrounded by the phrase, "Magic isn't real!", interested. Is that even a stage of interest? Anyways, I've been surrounded in books when I was growing up. I loved to read tales of wonder and mystery to plain hist'ry books. Life was pretty normal until I got my Hogwarts letter. Now, I'm a half-blood, my father was a wizard and my mother was a muggle. My dad did often try to show me non-verbal spells growing up, but my mom wasn't having any of it. She always was strict in not letting me know, for like, "family safety reasons". In reality, to me, she just wasn't fun. So, y'know, getting a letter that tells you you're a wizard and you gotta go to London for a scholarship in magic, I was elated! And since my dad has always left hints to me, I told him instead of my mom. He was just as happy as I was, and soon enough, I was running through a brick wall to the Hogwarts train.

I love painting and a hecc lotta Broadway shows, so I often might accidentally drop a Hamilton or Heathers reference in one of my sentences. I'm not shy, but nor am I social. A bit in between, like a ambivert/omnivert. My favorite classes are Potions and DADA. What more can I say? I like dangerous things and potions.
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