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Be the change you want to see, don't throw away your shot, and when in doubt go to the library. All the best people are just un poco loco.

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I apologize for the Marvelesque alliterative name. The following is a mix of real life information and invented information


Core 7 (my top 7 fandoms in no particular order. Yes, it obviously must be 7.)

Disney in general (Everything on Disney Plus and Rick Riordan Books are also technically Disney)

Harry Potter (Or I wouldn’t be here)

Avatar the Last Airbender

Lord of the Rings (and the modern fantasy genre it inspired)

The Grishaverse

Anime in general (I watch a lot)

Umbrella Academy, The Irregulars, and Stranger Things (they’re all Netflix originals they go together.)


Hunger Games


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculisr Children

Gaming Fandoms- Assassin’s Creed

Legend of Zelda

Dream SMP

My favorite book (not quite a fandom yet)- Fireborne by Rosaria Munda

I have so many fandoms just ask me and I probably know it and like it.

<summary>(House Pride)</summary>

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(Credit to Cinnamon Salem.)                                                                                                                              I am a nerd in every possible way. Science, history, fantasy, sci-fi, musicals; you name it, I geek out over it. I like to show Muggle movies to all my pureblood friends just to see their reactions. When I was 11 told my parents about a weird letter I had just gotten, they didn’t believe me. They knew that Hogwarts is a boarding school and that it’s the best place for me, but they were in complete denial of magic until they realized they weren’t allowed in Diagon Alley with me. My siblings understood what Hogwarts was but Manny was 8 and Luna was 6 so people would have just said “Never lose that imagination” if they let it slip that their big sister is magical. When I'm home for break and I talk about school, no one in my family understands what I'm talking about at all. I was a little bit of a hat stall. When the sorting hat was put on me it said, “This is a hard one. Optimistic and kind, yet also intelligent and creative. Very ambitious. Brave in your own way, but not when you’re in physical danger. Hmmmm. Better be...Ravenclaw.” As for classes, I take the core subjects plus Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Studies and I get above average grades. I have above average willpower and very strong concentration, which is useful for casting spells without wand movements (it’s such a hassle to remember wand movements). My favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. I also enjoy History of Magic and Ancient Studies. Astronomy can also be interesting. I want to be a Magizoologist, specializing in marine creatures. I grew up by the ocean and I love the beach. At the beginning and end of the school year I get homesick and spend a lot of time near the Black Lake. The mermaids in the lake kind of accept me as one of their own and I recently became a dolphin animagus. In fact, this sounds really weird (even for Hogwarts) so I’ll just come out and say it. I’m half mermaid. My mom is Muggle because she has no magic but she is also a mermaid. I have a small patch of scales on my left wrist that can be confused as dry skin. I often don’t tell people about my mermaid heritage and the genetic disorder that comes with it because it’s none of their business. I’ve always been able to make things happen just by humming (probably why nonverbal magic was so hard at first) and now that I’m getting into more advanced wand magic I’ve also been exploring the potential of my song magic. Controlling water is instinctive to me so I’m trying to do the same for other elements. I have a younger brother and younger sister, but they didn’t get the magical or merperson genes. The only living members of my family with the mermaid gene are me and my mom and I'm the only living member of my entire family with the magical gene. However, I do have magical ancestors. According to ancestry.com, Ravenclaw was the maiden name of my great-great grandmother that I am named after. In my first year, I found something more magical than any spell. A sport that I truly enjoy. Quidditch. I joined the Quidditch team in Second Year. I can play any position except Keeper and I am currently a Seeker with Nyjah Lovebottom, my favorite and probably best position.I’ve recorded my grades, including extra crediYear 1</details><details>Astronomy-118%, O Charms-94%,O DADA-105%, O Herbology-94%,O HOM-106%,O Potions-92%,O Transfiguration-98%, O Y</details><details>ear 2 Ancient Runes-95%, O Astronomy-88%,E COMC-129%, O Charms-86%, E DADA-85%,E Herbology-O HOM-88%,E Potions-90%, O Transfiguration-98%, O</details><details>Year 3 Ancient Studies-94%, O Astronomy-90%,O COMC-93%,O Charms-89%, E but basically O DADA-91%, O Herbology-86%, E HOM-83%,E Potions-94%, O Transfiguration-88%,E</details><details>Year 4 Ancient Studies-95%, O Astronomy-Awaiting Content COMC-94%, O Charms-Awaiting grading DADA-95%, O Herbolgy-91%,O HOM-94%, O Potions-87%, E Transfiguration-90%,O</details><details>Year 5 Ancient Studies-93%, O Astronomy-Awaiting content COMC-95%, O Charms-Awaiting grading DADA-92%, O Herbology- Awaiting content HOM-89%,E but basically O Potions-Awaiting content Transfiguration-Awaiting content OWLs Charms-Awaiting grading DADA-Awaiting grading Ancient Studies-89%,E but basically O COMC-93%, O Potions-Awaiting content Herbology-Awaiting content.</details><details>Year 6 Ancient Studies-In progress Astronomy-Awaiting content COMC-In progress Charms-In progress DADA-In progress Herbology- Awaiting content HOM-In progress Potions-Awaiting content Transfiguration-Awaiting content </details><details>
My amazing team (Credit to Cinnamon Salem for making this picture.) The Ravenclaw Think Tank (it’s like a focus group for Quidditch strategy.) (This picture was also made by Cinnamon.) Me and Dawn Gemlight’s Star Wars rp (Source: Google) Me battling Sith (you know who you are) (Source:Google.)</details><details>
<summary>(Facts About Me)</summary>
Facts about me Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw District: 4 Faction: Erudite (if it didn’t have Jeanine.) Cabin: Athena. Poseidon? No, Athena. Court: Winter Character aesthetic: (Created by you guessed it...Cinnamon Salem.) INTJ-T personality My wand: Reed wood, unicorn hair core, 10 inches, brittle flexibility. Quidditch position: Seeker and Chaser (Source:Google.) Nicknames: Anyone is allowed to call me Em, Ems, or E. Quidditch League members can also call me M and M, Marine Biologist, or Dolphin Lover. You can call me Captain Marvel if you’re in on the joke. If you come up with something else, tell me first. Emma is not the same thing as Emily. If you call me Emily, I will get mad. Likes: Animals, the beach, alone time (when I watch TV and read and all that) my siblings (mostly),seafood, chocolate, cheesecake Dislikes: Bullies, citrus, melted cheese, (most) parties Pets: Nieva Source:Wikipedia Kraken Source: Harry Potter Wiki Kraken is not really my pet (my parents would kill me), she’s just a particular Grindylow in the Black Lake that I like to visit What Amorentia smells like to me: old books, the ocean, something cooking, and a hint of lilac Signature Combat Spell (a combo which I just discovered recently): Impedimenta and then Expelliarmus Favorite Charm (so far): Fountain Charm, Silano.
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I also like the Bubble Head Charm, Ebublimir. It has so many applications! Patronus: It makes a lot of sense. Like a lynx, I enjoy water and snow. I was absolutely obsessed with big cats when I was little. My favorite animal is a dolphin, but I don’t travel in a pod. Animagus Form (Source:Google.) Theme song: High Hopes by Panic! at the Disco ©Licensed Fangirl Magizoologist® █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║ Approved by my favorite characters, my favorite scientists, and my favorite animals.</details>

I conclusion I am inimitable, I am an original, I am Emma *snap*

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