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Hey, my name is Megan and I'm a proud Ravenclaw. My OC is Cerys and her backstory is below.

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I am Cerys Anneon a fifth-year. I am a half-blood from the U.S. My mother went to Ilvermorny and graduated top of her class. She got a job at MACUSA as an Auror. She now works in the same position at the Ministry of Magic in the UK. My father is a muggle Chemist who works for the American Space Program. I attended Ilvermorny for my first four years and sorted into Wampus. I transferred to Hogwarts when my mom got the job with the Ministry. The sorting hat put me into Ravenclaw and because of a mix-up, I was forced to retake years one through four while still taking fifth-year courses. I was lucky enough to make the quidditch team as a chaser. My wand is Ebony wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" with slightly springy flexibility. My Patronus is an Occamy. I am 5'10 with blue/gray eyes and my naturally blonde hair is dyed purple. My hair changes color with my emotions, though I can control it sometimes. I'm a Metamorphmagus and I practice morphing almost every day to get more experience.
These are my hair color meanings:
If I feel a connection with someone my hair changes to their hair color.
Bright red I'm mad.
When I'm concentrating it's always a light teal.
When I'm embarrassed it normally turns a dark purple.
It turns a navy blue when I'm jealous.
Pale blue is fear.
Yellow is surprise.
Orange is excited.
Pale pink is curious.
It flits between every single color known to man when I'm frustrated.
Stark white for despair.
Grey is normally when I'm sad.
If I like someone romantically it turns fuchsia.
A charcoal grey normally signifies death or evilness.
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