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~Happiness can be found even in the Darkest of times, If one only remembers to turn on the Light~ Albus Dumbledore

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~In Progress~


NAME: Bernadette Arielle Couture
NICKNAMES: Bern (Only her friends call her that)
AGE: 16, 6th year (Depends on rp)
GENDER: Female

ZODIAC: April 9, Aries
HOUSE: Gryffindor
WAND: Chestnut Wood, 12" Somewhat yielding flexibility,
Dragon heartstring
BLOOD-STATUS: Muggle-born
PET: Black Norwegian Forest Cats,
one of them named; Jacqueline, the other named; Monique

══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════ ══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════

APPEARANCE: Black eyes, bangs, long and luscious dull blonde hair,
usually tied in a high ponytail with fabric tied in a bow holding the ponytail,
voluminous lashes, usually likes to wear red, black, and white.

══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════ ══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════
<details><summary>POSITIVE TRAITS</summary>
Nice when you get to know her, confident, smart, charming, social</details>

<details><summary>NEGATIVE TRAITS</summary>
Rude, close-minded, attention seeker, callous, bossy</details>

══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════ ══════ ∘◦❀◦∘ ══════

Mafalda, Wisteria, Clover, Angie, Steluvius, Aragog, Lily, Sarah,
(Sorry if I missed you! Post on my wall to add you if I forgot any other of my friends)

Hogwarts Is Here Guide For New Students, Hogwarts Is Here Guide For New Students (Pt 2),
Pandora Fawley, Pandora's Backstory, Supplies You Need In Hogwarts For 1st Years,
Adeline Angel, lots of more books coming!</details>

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~Name: Bernadette Couture

~Nickname: Bern, Adette

~Age: 16

~Zodiac Sign: April 19, Aries

~Blood Status: Gryffindor

~Wand: Chestnut Wood, 12" Somewhat yielding flexibility, Dragon heartstring

~Familiar: White Twin Oriental Shorthairs (cat breed) One of them named; Jacqueline, the other named; Monique

~Patronus: Dragon

~Orientation: Straight

~Single/Taken: Single

~Appearance: Black eyes, Bangs, Long and luscious dull blonde hair, usually tied in a high ponytail with fabric tied in a bow holding the ponytail, Voluminous lashes, Usually likes to wear red, black, and white.

~Ethnicity: White

~Personality: Social, Extrovert, Mean, Rude, Sassy, Savage, Bossy, etc

~Likes: Learning languages, Fashion, Nice views, Telling people what to do, receiving what she wants, etc

~Dislikes: People who call her mean names (mud-blood. but that is VERY rare) long and boring classes, etc

~Hobbies: Shopping, Reading specific books, Learning languages, Socializing, and others


~Name: Camara Amaranth

~Nickname: Mara

~Zodiac sign: June 16, Gemini

~Age: 15 (Depends on rp)

~Blood status: Half-blood

~Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

~Wand: Mahogany, 11", Slightly yielding flexibility, Unicorn hair

~Familiar: 2 White bunny twins, 1 Named; Arrow, 2 Named; Carter (Both boys)

~Patronus: Deer

~Orientation: Pansexual

~Single/Taken: Single

~Appearance: A bit shorter then medium length very curly auburn hair, Hazel eyes, Light brown skin, Vitiligo, (White spots around her mouth, Her face, Her belly, Her legs, Her arms, And her shoulders) A ton of freckles on her face, Mostly around her cheeks and nose, 1 on each cheek, Very visible dimples. Average height, Fit build.

~Ethnicity: Mediterranean

~Personality: Kind, Caring, Playful, Up-beat, Energetic, Social, Sharing, Likeable, Cute

~Likes: Flowers, Plants, Gardening, Herbology, Animals, Care for magical creatures, Books, Friends

~Dislikes: Isolation, Dull places/colors/people, Nightmares, Too salty foods, And more

~Hobbies: Reading, Napping, Gardening, Studying, Socializing, Hanging out with friends

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~Name: Pandora Fawley

~Nickname: Pan

~Zodiac Sign: September 16, Virgo

~Age: 15

~Blood status: Pure-Blood

~Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

~Wand: Silver lime wood, 13" somewhat yielding flexibility, Phoenix feather core

~Familiar: Siberian cat called Nicholas

~Patronus: Wild rabbit

~Orientation: Lesbian

~Single/Taken: Single

~Appearance: Platinum Blond Dreadlocks, Very Dark skin, Average height, Dark brown eyes, Luscious eyelashes & Hair
Somewhat skinny.

~Ethnicity: Black

~Personality: Brave, Caring, Kind, Stubborn, Sometimes snarky to disliked, Social, Somewhat secretive.

~Likes: Charms class, Cassiopeia (BEST BEST friend) Amber crystals, Quidditch

~Dislikes: Creepy crawlies, Sarcastic people, etc

~Hobbies: Hanging out with bff, Art, Writing, Quidditch etc

~Name: Arachne Lestrange

~Nickname: Ara

~Zodiac Sign: November 16, Scorpio

~Age: 16 (depends on rp)

~Blood Status: Pure-blood

~Hogwarts house: Slytherin

~Wand: Willow wood, 13" Slightly yielding flexibility, Raven feather core

~Familiar: Spider named; Hollow, Snake named; Salazar

~Patronus: Thestral

~Orientation: Bisexual

~Single/Taken: Taken

~Appearance: Black curls that is usually tied up in a bun, Black eyes, ghostly pale skin, likes to wear black and green when not in Hogwarts robes, etc

~Ethnicity: White

~Personality: Cold, Quiet, Introvert, Bad at communicating well, and others

~Likes: Being alone, No bullies, Anybody talking about her family and making fun of it, etc

~Dislikes: Bullies, Being afraid, Being in her vulnerable side, Annoying people, people thinking they are out of her league and others leagues, etc

~Hobbies: Being on time, reading her novels, Being in the forbidden forest and stroll around there, and others


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