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Name: Makena Fox

Age: Depends on RP

Personality: Kind, funny, understanding, stubborn, loves animals, sweet, a bit, ambivert, loud sometimes, weird

Appearance: dark brown hair, tannish skin, brown eyes, average height

Gender: Female, she/her pronouns

Sexuality: Straight and Single

RP: I suck at starters so you might have to go

Looking for: A nice guy who I can be myself with and who's funny.

Favorite class: COMC

I am a Hufflepuff, and why the Sorting Hat made me a Hufflepuff was probably because I'm kind, caring, loyal, and I might seem nice and innocent but I also can be vicious and terrifying. I also was a hatstall because my personality can change sometimes. My favorite class was Care for Magical Creatures. I didn't like History of Magic, it's pretty boring. I was also good in Astronomy, Divination, Art, Muggle Studies, Herbology, and Ghoul. Those were my other favorite or well-liked classes. I am a muggle born. Being muggle kind of sucks when all the stuck up pureblood families bully you or pretend you aren't even human. I'm actually from America but I live with the Weasleys during the school year. I'm very creative and artistic in many ways. I'm pretty sensitive and hate it when people hurt me even if it's physically, emotionally, or mentally. When I finish Hogwarts I want to be a Magizoologist. Magical Creatures are so fascinating and cute. I would want to help others without hurting them or putting me and them in danger. I also have some anxiety issues and I just need someone I can love.
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