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Hi! I'm Rhiannon, I'm excited to learn all I can here at Hogwarts and hopefully make friends that share the same love of this magical community!

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The time-line doesn't necessarily match for the typical age of a Hogwarts student but.. Let's go with the flow.

Family Backstory:
Following his graduation from Hogwarts as well as the end of the First War, Jeffery Webster Craig left his home in Crieff, Scotland to travel to America with a desire to learn the strange culture and various magical creatures that dwell there. Not long into his travels he met the woman he would eventually grow to love. While Jeffery was ever-courageous and bold, the true embodiment of a Gryffindor Lion, excelling in Care of Magical Creatures and a Mastery of Magizoology... Cynthia Lorena was quiet and observant with a proclivity for Alchemy, Charms and Potions leading her to be a renowned Healer. Jeffery was a Pure-blood son, who had done well at one of the best Wizarding schools in the world, whereas Cynthia was born Half-blood to a Muggle mother (who died when Cynthia was very young) and a protective Wizard father who chose to home-school his daughter when it came to magic and send her to No-Maj school to keep up a pretense of normalcy. The two moved back to Scotland, married (1984) and birthed their first two daughters Bethany Leigh (1985) and Hazel Anne (1987) before the beginnings of the Second War. After the birth of their last daughter, Rhiannon in 1994 the whispers of war quickly escalated, prompting the fearful parents to send their newborn to safety back in America with her Grandfather. The rest of the family stayed behind as Cynthia would be needed at St. Mungos in the coming years and Jeffery could not leave his oldest daughters alone. The eldest daughter, Beth had been one of the young students kept safe in the Room of Requirement and smuggled out before the Battle of Hogwarts.

Rhiannon's Introduction:
I spent the majority of my youth just waiting for the day I could go to Hogwarts to experience the beauty and unbridled magic of the school. Despite my eldest sister Beth's traumatic early experience, it was still a second home to her and later to my middle sister Hazel.. Just as it had been to our father. My two elder sisters already graduated, Bethany sorted into Gryffindor (1995) like our father and graduated with a proficiency in Care of Magical Creatures as well as Herbology. Today, she works as a Kneazle Breeder and Herbologist, selling her many plants to local potioneers and suppliers, including my other sister. Hazel sorted into Ravenclaw(1998) and graduated with honors excelling in Potions, Herbology and Charms. Today she works as a Master Potioneer; supplying St. Mungos and various stores, often trying to create new potions but also works with food as a personal hobby. Then there's me, I was sorted into Hufflepuff and although he never said so, I felt as though he was disappointed or at least... less thrilled than the sortings of my sisters. I feel like every one underestimates those of us that fall into the Badger's Hole, as if Hard Work, Dedication, Loyalty, Patience and Fair Play is less admirable than the attributes of the other Houses. The Intelligence, Knowledge, and Wit of the Ravenclaw Raven Nest... The Chivalry, Bravery, Daring and Nerve of the Gryffindor Lion's Den.. Even the Resourcefulness, Ambition and Cunning of the Slytherin Snake Pit. All attributes, all Houses are what create Hogwarts and I've made it a personal goal to advocate for Inter-House Unity. After all, I've felt like I need to prove myself from the very beginning so I have thrown myself into my schoolwork and you'll often find me in the Library with stacks of tomes and rolls of parchment. I'm eager to make a wonderful collection of friends from every house and tackle every lesson of interest to become one of the most well-rounded witches to ever come through Hogwarts. I find myself drawn to every corner of magic and I'm eager to make something of myself, bringing pride and honor to the House I was sorted into.. As well as Hogwarts as a whole.

I also inherited a rare genetic talent from my paternal great-grandmother, I'm a metamorphmagus or metamorphmagi. It's fairly easy to change on purpose, a little concentration and a good mental visual of what I want and then there it is. However, I have a terrible issue trying to control accidental shifts made by my emotions. I'm working on it but until then, these are the meanings of the colors that my hair and eyes occasionally shift to!

[Black- Intense, Stressed]
[Brown- Troubled, Restless]
[Red- Rage, Anger (Fierce)]
[Orange- Aggressive, Irritated/Edgy, Sarcastic]
[Golden Yellow- Hopeful]
[Yellow- Confused, Puzzled, Incredulous]
[Yellow/Green- Worried]
[Lime Green- Shocked, Surprised]
[Emerald Green- Triumphant, Hyper, Energetic, Mischievous]
[Dark Green- Disgusted, Ill, Nauseous]
[Teal- Alert, Nervous]
[Ice Blue- Fearful, Scared, Panicked]
[Light Blue- Sleepy, Tired]
[True Blue- Relaxed, Calm]
[Dark Blue- Bored]
[Blue/Violet- Serious, Concentrated, Confident]
[Violet- Happy, Pleased]
[Light Purple- Excited]
[Magenta- Embarrassed]
[Dark Pink- Drunken, Lustful, Silly]
[Light Pink- Flirty, Amused, Playful]
[White- Hollow, Blank, Void... Space Cadet]

Additional Info: (Pottermore)
Wand Type- Dogwood wood, Unicorn Hair core, 9 1/2 ' and a Rigid flexibility.
House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: White Mare
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