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Some people might say I'm the darkest witch Gryffindor has produced in living memory. I disagree: I simply call it using my resources to achieve a greater goal. It may be Slytherin of me... but I was a hatstall between Gryffindor and Slytherin, so it balances out. During my first year at Hogwarts, I admit that i was a bit of a reckless idiot. I had spent the first eleven years of my life bouncing in and out of foster home and on the streets, and I had thought that the same rules applied at Hogwarts. I lost count of how many fights I got into, both magical and with fists. In fact, I spent so much time getting into scrapes around the castle that I almost got held back a year! After that I did buckle down in my studes and never got a grade lower than an A. It was hard my second year, as I did participate in the Battle of Hogwarts... I had just turned thirteen the day before. Since I am muggle-born, it felt like I had to join the fight: it was my existence they were fighting over in the first place after all.

After the Battle, things tried to change for the better, but it was still rough... I went to class, got into fights over ideology, took stupid dares, but it felt like I was still fighting for my place at Hogwarts. At the start of my third year, I decided I wanted to become an Auror, despite my hatred of Potions. I wanted to help people, and it was a good excuse to professionally fight people. I liked most of my classes (except potions), and I was quite gifted in DADA, Charms, and Transfiguration.

After I graduated, I joined the Aurors and spent three years training. I managed to finish, but I was kicked out for questioning authority. My teachers at Hogwarts did say that being an Auror wouldn't be a good fit for me, as I have a nasty habit of being a pain in the ass for people in charge. I'm honest, but it means I'm confrontational and reckless.

As of now, I work free lance as a detective both in the Muggle World and the Wizarding One, although I spend more time going after those who are corrupt and taking matters into my own hands than I do tracking down missing items. Being on the run from the ministry for my comments doesn't leave much for free time, but I make do. I pay the bills and people pay handsomely to send a message. My base is currently in the Forbidden Forest. It's not like they still send students in there for detention.

I don't have any pets; being on the move constantly means I can't take care of them properly. I do have an Animagus form of a panther, so that kind of counts I guess?

I don't bite, hard, but I'm a lion at heart. My greatest wish is for people like me to be safe and enjoy magic to its fullest.

And I will kill to achieve that goal.
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