Tigress Harbinger-Malfoy

Magical Creature Expert

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


(Dragonologist) Dragons are among the most dangerous and magical of creatures in the world, wizarding or otherwise. I was first intrigued by them when I watched the Tri-Wizard Tournament when Earl had to come over for business and left me at the school for a few days as he thought it was better for me. . I had always been interested in Magical Creatures, one of my favorites being the Hippogriff, but the Chinese Fireball at the Tournament really caught my attention. After finishing school at Hogwarts, I turned down an offer at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary, instead opting to study Dragons in the wild. On one of my trips, I took in an orphaned Antipodean Opaleye, I named her Becca and she became my faithful companion. Becca and I are in the process of settling down at the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary after I lost the sight in my left eye when a wild Swedish Short-Snout attacked us.

I was raised in America by Earl Harbinger and he taught me as much as he could until I turned 18 and received my Hogwarts letter. To say that we where all shocked was a bit of an understatement, I was going to be the oldest First-Year Hogwarts had ever seen. When I arrived at Hogwarts to say that another shock was received when the name the Professor read at the Sorting was not 'Tigress Harbinger' but "Tigress Harbinger-Malfoy!"
It turned out that somewhere, far on my mother's side, there was a Malfoy connection had been activated when I had received my Hogwarts letter. To everyone's surprise I was sorted into Ravenclaw instead of Slytherin like everyone expected all Malfoys to be.

My Patronus is a Fox Terrier and my Wand is 10 inches, made of Silver Limewood with a Phoenix feather core. Beside Becca, I have two black Great Horned Owls named Spock and Bear and a English Wolfhound named Rosie. I also have a Firecrab named Tanya and a Crup named Ginger
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