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Hey guys!Charlie here. if you wanna know more, read my backstory. Its kinda long tho. Well, see you around, hope you're well, hope we'll be friends!

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Charlie had always been bullied for being a freak when he was young, but when he turned seven he discovered he was a wizard and a demigod: both his parents had magical abilities. His mother, Andrea Lupin, is a witch, and his father... well, his father is Neptune. His brother, James, was found to be a Squib, but he had water powers and always supported Charlie and when he received his letter James was very exited for him. Charlie was a complete and total hatstall, it took nearly ten whole minutes for the Sorting Hat to decide between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw... in the end, Gryffindor seemed to be a much clearer path for him and actually inspired him to become an Auror! He has a Niffler named Silver, a barn owl names Hermes and a black dog named Padfoot who accompanies him everywhere except for class.

Charlie hopes to become an Animagus like his friend Jessie and Jessie's brother, Smith. His father taught him how to make a Patronus and Charlie is working on it, but he has made a corporeal one twice! His Patronus is a black wolf, from what he can tell. His favorite classes are Care of magical Creatures, DADA, and Transfiguration, but gardening is one of his hobbies so he takes Herbology, too.

Charlie really likes to write, to [try to] make his own spells, and the muggle TV genre called Anime. His favorite muggle Author is Rick Riordan, even though (wink, wink) his books are completely fictional, unlike the Harry Potter series. his magical powers include controlling water, breathing under water, water healing, talking to horses, using magic, and a tad of Occlumency and Legilimency. He likes magical creatures, especially Nifflers, dragons, hippogriff, sea snakes, and different types of winged horses. He spends a month of his summer every year at a dragon training camp called Camp Silvertooth. he almost got roasted once, but luckily he escaped just in time. . .

Charlie is the Admin to the Official Gobstones and tabletop club (send him an owl if you want to join). He is in first year and relatively new here, but wants to make new friends!

Charlie is in 6th grade in Muggle school. He goes to Camp Jupiter during the summer sometimes, and pops up by Camp Half-Blood every once in a while. he is wicked skilled with a sword thanks to training when he was younger, and likes to duel: wether with sword or wand. if you're a Gryffindor, join his dorm called 'Gryffindor Dorm'. hey, you never know who you'll be friends with!

Charlie wrote the "muggles be weird" in the library for fun. Check it out.

Charlie says hi!
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