Luke Rao

Student Auror

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I am a Half-Blood Ravenclaw, I was a partial hatstall to Slytherin, though. I enjoy Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, and Astrology. I am naturally good at Care for Magical Creatures, but it doesn't catch my interest as I usually like to do it as pass-time activity...I am, like my brother, a Half-Blood, and I stick true to it. Fortunately, me nor my family has had any interaction or contact with The Dark Lord. My greatest strength is that I can learn things very quickly and their foundational concepts as well. My greatest weakness, however, is that I am very distracted and can't focus with more than 3 distractions. After I complete schooling, I plan to be an Auror and a Wizard-Muggle connection to help bring magic back into the lives of all people. I've almost graduated once, being accepted as an Intern Auror, but some last-minute setbacks didn't let me adopt my diploma. So my free time is the Ministry's to spend, and my school-time is to get my Magical Education Diploma. I like most about how Muggles and Wizards used to interact so well, with Muggles being Wizards without magic. I want to use magic to reunite the world, as once it was, but if someone decides to try and protect the permanent separation, then they should watch out for Rictumspempra (Tickling Spell) I have a pet cat, named Minerva, after Prof. McGonagall who's Animagus is a cat. I LOVE WIZARDING!
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