Charis Aria Dawn

Student, future Magizoologist?

Hi everyone! My name is Charis Aria Dawn but you can just call me Charis. ;)

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Heyy, Charis Dawn here! I'm a student from Gryffindor, your common- or garden-bookworm. Although I'm the Hermione type, I'm pretty good at Quidditch too! My best subject is Care of Magical Creatures, I want to be a Magizoologist when I leave Hogwarts. I love magical animals, to study their fascinating behaviours is my dream. Although I want to be a Magizoologist, music is also imprinted in my soul. Even when I'm not listening to music, you can see me humming along or nodding to a tune in my head. I'm quite outgoing and have many friends, but I also like to hang out with my imaginary friends, a pair of siblings called Peter and Lucy. I'm gonna go read up on magical creatures while listening to music now, bye!
Name: Charis A. Dawn (I don't really use my middle name a lot, it's Aria)
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Personality: Bubbly and cheerful with tons of friends, can be rather weird at times and tends to be grumpy and confused when the workload is too much, rather unconfident
Appearance: Black eyes, curly (and rather messy sometimes) brown waist-length hair, 1.6m
Patronus: Phoenix
Boggart: Dementor
Wand: Applewood and unicorn tail-hair core, nine and three quarters inches
Siblings: Has a younger sister named Claire Hayley Dawn
Likes: Oversized long-sleeved shirts, reading, hoodies, fluffy blankets (only the soft and fluffy kind, if not then I don't like them), penknives, fruits (especially peaches and nectarines), singing, cats, music (I like pop the most), dancing (hip-hop, jazz, pop, street dance; I usually just freestyle dance to pop music in my room) and cookies (mint choc or choc chip)
Dislikes: Being scared, fake friends, Dementors, concerned-parent-attack, some clowns
Favourite animals: Dogs (particularly Bichon Frise), Cats, Rabbits
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