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Name: Laina
Birthplace: Missouri, US
Blood Status: Muggle born
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Hazel, Phoenix Feather core, 10 inches, reasonably supple
Patronus: Mare

Laina was born to two Muggles, both teachers. Her mother is a high school English and PE teacher while her father taught Mathematics at the university near by. She grew up loving to learn and yearning for the next fascinating idea she would come across. It was surprising, but not all to unexpected when she learned she was a witch. There were always odd things happening around her; things that the science she read about couldn't explain. She terribly excited to go to Hogwarts, even though it was much farther away than the US school Ilvermorny. After learning about each house, she just knew she would be sorted into Ravenclaw. It seemed to describe her perfectly. So it was quite a shock when the hat shouted GRYFFINDOR a few minutes after being placed on her head. She wasn't disappointed though. She had heard great things about both Gryffindor House and Hogwarts, and could wait to start absorbing every tiny piece of knowledge and adventure this place had to offer!
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