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"Each one of us is a story, waiting for a devoted reader who will take us off the shelf and embrace all of our plot twists." - John Mark Green

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<font face=bahnschrift light><font size= 2>
Please do NOT copy my backstory or its format. I'm happy to help others design their own, but a large amount of users here have copied mine directly without even asking permission. Just please contact me first about anything. </size>

<font face=calibri><center><font size= 4>-- ABOUT ME --</size></center><font face=perpetua><font size= 2>NAME:<font face=bahnschrift light> Aurora Bree Lovecraft
<font face=perpetua>AGE:<font face=bahnschrift light> Teen
<font face=perpetua>STAR SIGN:<font face=bahnschrift light> Cancer
<font face=perpetua>APPEARANCE:<font face=bahnschrift light> Rather short hair the color of expresso frames a fair, soft but angular face with striking green eyes; small and slender, but toned build</size>
<font face=perpetua>HOUSE:<font face=bahnschrift light> Slytherin<font size= 1> (Secondary - Ravenclaw)</size>
<font face=perpetua><font size= 2>BLOOD STATUS:</size><font face=bahnschrift light><font size= 2> *Unknown*
<font face=perpetua>WAND:<font face=bahnschrift light> 12" Pine wood paired with a dragon heartstring core; slightly yielding
<font face=perpetua>PATRONUS:<font face=bahnschrift light> Doe
<font face=perpetua>MAGICAL ABILITIES:<font face=bahnschrift light> Slightly natural Legilimens
<font face=perpetua>FAVORITE CLASSES:<font face=bahnschrift light> Potions, Astronomy
<font face=perpetua>PET:<font face=bahnschrift light> "Jasmine", a Siamese cat</size>

<font face=calibri><center><font size= 4>-- PERSONALITY TYPE: INFJ-T --</size>
<font size= 1>(Click on the arrows for more)</size></center><font size= 4></size>
<summary><font face=perpetua><font size= 2>TRAITS:</size></summary>
<font face=candara><font size= 2><center>POSITIVE TRAITS
<font face=calibri> Extremely ambitious, fiercely independent/competitive, creatively intelligent, and innately intuitive/empathetic (all with a spark of sarcasm and a side of wit)</center>
<font face=candara><center>NEGATIVE TRAITS
<font face=calibri> Slight trust issues, severe perfectionism, jealousy tendencies, and particularly private</center></size>

</details><font size= 4></size>
<summary><font face=perpetua><font size= 2>LIKES/DISLIKES:</size></summary>
<font face=candara><font size= 2><center>LIKES
<font face=calibri> Proving herself, reading a plethora of books, gazing at the night sky, deep quotes/conversations, the ocean, writing her own fantasies, piano/violin music, playing Quidditch, connecting with people, and rainy days/thunderstorm nights</center>
<font face=candara><center>DISLIKES
<font face=calibri> Disloyalty, revealing secrets, crowds, small talk, heights, public speaking, and biased idiots that still fervently believe in House stereotypes</center></size>

<font face=candara><center>DISPOSITION
<font face=calibri>At first, Aurora may come off as rather reserved and suspicious due to her past (see backstory), but there is much more underneath her many carefully wrapped layers to those willing to make the endeavor. With the right person, she freely opens up and lets her free spirit and gentle nature shine. Her fearless loyalty and witty intelligence make her a true, constant friend to the end.</center></size>

<font face=calibri><center><font size= 4>-- HiH Information --</size></center><font face=calibri><font size= 2
» <b>Dedicated Student: I'm currently working on all 7 first-year classes, but my perfectionism and procrastination keep me from getting things done quickly ;-;
» Aspiring Author: I'm an upcoming author who has published a few short stories (and otherwise) in the library. If you like my writing, let me know of any suggestions you have of what to write next!
<summary>BOOKS I'VE WRITTEN</summary>
WAVE.: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/14868/
The Lost Letter: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/15250/
Fractured Ties: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/15351/
The Humor of Hogwarts Houses: https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/15453/
The Humor of Hogwarts Houses (Part 2): https://www.hogwartsishere.com/library/book/15588/
</details>» Vice-President of H.A.L.E: H.A.L.E. stands for the HiH Association for Library Enhancement. We are a small group of people who have noticed the rapid decline of the HiH library for various reasons and are dedicated to restoring it to its former glory. Join today! https://www.hogwartsishere.com/groups/32831/
» Chaser (Quidditch): I'm also one of the chasers of the official Slytherin Quidditch Team here on HiH!
» Discord Moderator: I'm also a moderator for the unofficial HiH discord found here: https://discord.gg/msgPDJc
» HiH Secretary: Currently the official HiH Secretary for the Official Student Council. </size>
<font face=calibri><center><font size= 4>-- REAL LIFE INFO --</size></center><font face=bahnschrift light><font size= 2> I'm just a lonely, sleep-deprived idealist who spends too much time reading and gaming. I'm a pianist of 10 years as well as an amateur graphic designer/programmer. I'm also a HUGE bookworm who reads everything from the latest YA novels to sci-fi/fantasy to classic literature, as well as a casual PC/Switch gamer. I'm also engrossed into too many fandoms. I love connecting with people here, so feel free to start up a random conversation anytime! Especially if we share any interests ;)

<summary><font face=calibri>FANDOMS:</summary>
<font face=candara>
» Harry Potter
» Star Wars
» Batman
» Anime
» Assassin's Creed
» Legend of Zelda
» Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF)
» Gravity Falls

<summary><font face=calibri>FAVORITE MOVIES/SHOWS:</summary>
<font face=candara>
» Harry Potter
» A Silent Voice
» Stranger Things
» Gotham
» Gravity Falls
» Star Wars: The Clone Wars
» Avatar: The Last Airbender
» Christopher Nolan Films (The Dark Knight trilogy, Interstellar, Inception)
» Any British period drama (Poldark, Victoria, Downton Abbey, etc.)

<summary><font face=calibri>FAVORITE BOOKS:</summary>
<font face=candara>
» Harry Potter
» Chronicles of Narnia
» Sense and Sensibility (and all of Jane Austin's)
» A Court of Thorns and Roses
» The Cruel Prince
» The Giver
» An Ember in the Ashes
» The Young Elites (and all of Marie Lu's)
I also adore poetry, especially Edgar Allen Poe.</size>

<summary><font face=calibri>VIDEO GAMES:</summary>
» <font face=candara>Usually single-player RPGs, action-adventure, lore-heavy horror, or anything with a rich story. Current favorites include:
» Assassin's Creed series
» Zelda: Breath of the Wild
» Knights of the Old Republic 1 + 2

<font face=calibri><center><font size= 4>CHARACTER BACKSTORY</size></center>
<summary><font size= 2>It's quite long, though ;)</size></summary>
<font face=perpetua><font size=3>Aurora Lovecraft has only recently been introduced to the wonderful wizarding world, but already she is an exceptionally fast and efficient leader of the magical ways. Long story short, she was mysteriously raised by Muggles through what they call the “foster care system”, as she had been (and still is) deprived of the identity of the witch and wizard who were (or perhaps are) her parents. Growing up quite alone in the Muggle world, she hadn’t the faintest clue that the strange energy residing inside of her was very much magical, nor of the existence of this entire realm of magic that we all know and love. Aurora never stayed with the same family for more than a few months at a time, if even that. When she was younger and had not yet realized the utter difference between herself and others, a childless couple would gladly take her home, expecting to care for a normal, cheerful, outgoing little girl. Instead, Aurora would be promptly returned the next week by that same couple, who now refused to even glance in her direction. For it was indeed true that, just like many magical children, she had always been able to perform certain uncanny feats from a young age, especially while experiencing rather intense emotions. Not knowing anything about magic itself, she never had an explanation for herself or others in the slightest concerning that which frightening so many away from her.

As a naturally curious girl, Aurora was forever torn between her thrilled fascination for and yearn to explore these gifts’ limits and her growing fear of what others would think and do to her. Her secret desire for the one thing she never had – acceptance – won her over, causing her to eventually put a damper on her gifts as she grew older, at least when her ever-changing foster parents and others were around. Eventually, there was no one left willing to take her in – this time not from hearing the unnerving reports of her “feats” from previous caretakers, but from her seemingly withdrawn behavior which did not satisfy prospecting parents.

Through the years, Aurora made the choice to isolate herself more and more from everyone around her, to whom she appeared increasingly reserved and deathly silent. In fact, few could even coax a word out of her mouth for months at a time. It was as if she had removed herself from the outside world entirely to search within herself for the source of the “calling” that she felt whispering to her, holding out its hand to lead her into another distant world she so frequently dreamed about as she gazed into the stars, night after night…

That is, until Tula volunteered to foster her. Tula was an ancient, but quite eccentric woman who appeared not a day older than 150. Due to her age and various accounts of “odd” behavior, she had been placed at the very bottom of the volunteer list for years. As soon as she laid eyes upon her, Tula had insisted that Aurora be left in her care, a request which social services had refused for months – that is, until they unfortunately had no one else to leave Aurora with. When she came to live with Tula, it was as if the dark curtain that had clouded her entire world for years had finally been lifted. Tula revealed herself as a witch, telling Aurora that she was also one. She claimed she saw a vast mine of talent in Aurora and made it her personal duty to make sure she was immediately sent off to Hogwarts, lest her gifts go to waste when they very much needed to be tamed and nurtured. Tula taught Aurora everything the girl knew about the wizarding world up until she was able to experience it for herself. It surprised Aurora that the entire revelation was not a complete shock to her – as if it she had somewhat expected it, like she had always known. And perhaps in a way, she had. Nevertheless, she received her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter on that glorious, enchanting day when her life was henceforth changed forever.

SORTING CEREMONY: During Aurora’s sorting ceremony, the sorting hat took quite a while longer than everyone else to make the all-important decision. It kept mumbling thoughts like “hmm…very intelligent, but quite the brave one…definitely determined and ambitious…but a good heart..” But Aurora had kept thinking that all she wanted was to prove herself here at Hogwarts, that she truly belonged and was worthy of the robes that she wore. Nevertheless, after exactly 5 minutes and 2 seconds of a hefty debate (rendering a true hatstall), the sorting hat finally chose to place Aurora in Slytherin over Ravenclaw, and she couldn’t be more proud. After all this time, she had finally found home, the belonging she had always dreamed about. She had grasped that hand from the beautiful night sky.

CURRENT: Aurora is now studying in her 5th year at Hogwarts and thoroughly enjoys all of her classes, but has a talent for Potions and Transfiguration, a love for Astronomy, and pays special attention in D.A.D.A. But not as much enthusiasm is placed towards Divination and History of Magic. She would much rather learn hands-on. Aurora is also a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch team, a position she holds much pride in and takes very seriously. And has a bunch of fun in ;)

You can usually find Aurora wherever the action and adventure is, or quietly reading/studying in the library immersed in her own splendid world, or perhaps studying the school rules to discover the smartest ways to “bend” them. ;)</size>
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