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Trix was always a bit odd. No matter how hard she tried she just wasn't quite.... Normal. Now, at the ripe old age of 11 she was fighting with her mom about going to summer classes.
"It's really a place for younger kid's, Mom! I'm not a little kid anymore! I'm 11 now. I don't wanna go to a little kid's dojo!" She whined. Having just turned 11, she was old enough to go to to horseback riding camp. She wanted to do that, not martial arts classes like her Mom wanted.
Her mother sighed. "Listen, Trixie, I think that's a bit to expensive for us right now. Can you wait a year? And what about all of your friends at the Dojo? They'll want to see you back there this summer! And you could get your blue belt!"
"But Mom! I need something that teaches about animals and how to take care of them if I'm going to be a veterinarian! I need practice!" Trix pouted.
"We can't afford it honey, but you know what you can do, how about you volunteer for the no-kill Animal shelter down the street." Trix paused. They got their cat, Mitsi, from that shelter. Someone had dumped the small kitten on the shelters doorstep, shivering with fever. 'Honestly,' Trix thought, 'that's kinda why I want to be a vet.' They were called by the shelter to see if they could take care of this odd little puff ball. Trix nursed her back to health and little Mitsi had grown into a healthy 10 pound cat.

"Okay. But next year, I want to do horseback riding!"
"We'll do our best honey. Oh, by the way." Her mom walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up an old-timey looking letter with green writing on the front. "This came for you today. I don't know who from. It might be from Grandma, but I don't recognize the hand writing. Out of sight, a small barn owl flew into the night.

Trix quickly snatched the letter from her mom's hand and looked at it closer. The letter was addressed to:

Trixie McCloud
Bedroom on the right
Dublin 1
D03 F4P2

"Hmmm." She opened it curiously and read it out loud.
"We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..... What? Hogwarts? it's a school? for magic! mom can I go!? Please I won't even go to camp next year! I want to be a witch!"
Just then they're fireplace ignited with green flames. "Indeed, young miss!" A university-aged man appeared and stepped out from their now huge fireplace. as he exited it shrunk back to size. Trix screamed, her mom jumped halfway out of the room to get to her.

"Oh terribly sorry young miss, and Miss Mcloud. Allow me too introduce myself before you call your muggle authorities." He cleared his throat. "I am Albert McCrim, and I'm here to answer any question you have on the wonderful school that is Hogwarts! I just graduated from there. They sent me as a sort of liaison.

Trix opened her eyes wide. "Is the reason I'm so weird because I'm magical!?!?"

Albert's smile shown like the sun. "Why yes, young miss. And one day youll be able to do this." He flicked a small stick and spoke a strange word, "Lumos!", And the tip of it began to glow brilliantly. Trix was in awe. "Mom? Please let me go!"

But her mom was crying. "I thought that grandma was lying. But it is true! Witches and Wizards do exist. Oh you'll be going. Learn everything you can! And show me what you learn!"

And before long she was on the train.
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