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heyo that's Mike here

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I was sorted in Slytherin, I was sure the Sorting Hat would have taken this decision, I was putted in Slytherin immediately. I really like Potions and Defense Against The Darks Art classes but I usually do the last one more. My less favorite class is Herbology. I'm pretty much good in Charms class. I'm a proud pureblood and my status just make everything easier for me in Wizard World. If I was in UK during the time of He-Must-Not-Be-Named I'd have been terrified, but I'd have chosen the strongest part. My greatest strength is my persuasion but also my skill with charms, instead my greatest weakness are butterflies, I hate them and they make me lose my concentration, I'm not also very good in Herbology so I don't really what to do with plants and magic plants. I don't know what I'm wanting to do when I'm finish school, but I wanna find a job that can show off my skills. In my opinion the most fascinating aspect of magic is that everything is possible, it always gives me hope. I want to use magic to help others and to further my own ends, I think it's important to do both in your life. To be honest I'd like to become a great wizard and I'd like to test my limits. I have two pets, an owl and a cat, they really love each other and I'm so happy about that, my owl's name is Remy, he's a very good owl and I love his grey feathers, he respects me so well and it's very loyal, my cat's name is Lilith, she's a gift from my parents because I've always wanted a cat, I love her and her red hair so much and she follows me everywhere, she always give me gifts from street and she has more freedom than Remy. I don't get along well with my family so I prefer to go out with my friends the most of the time, my mom was an Hufflepuff and my dad a Gryffindor like my brother. My brother stopped to talk to me one year ago so I don't know anything about him. My dad works to Ministry Of Magic with my mother, he's an employee to the Department Of Magical Law Enforcement and she's an employee to the Misuse Of Muggle Artefacts Office, she's so boring.
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