✰˩ʋиα Єℓιʓαвɛтн Єяʋ∂ιтɛ✰

Youngest Female Seeker

Ħι Ƨтαℓκɛяƨ! Ɩ'м ˩ʋиα, ∂αʋɢнтɛя σғ ˩ʋиα ˩σʌɛɢσσ∂. Ƭαℓκ тσ мɛ σи нɛяɛ, вʋт Ƥ˩ЄΔƧЄ! Иσ Ƨωɛαяιиɢ! Ɩ мαʏ вɛ ιиαcтιʌɛ α вιт...

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  • Canada


glitter-graphics.com <glitter-graphics.com -

Bestie~ Ask if we're close friends :), Luni~Rianna/ask, LuLu~ask, Lu~ask, Batty~Cappy ONLY! If you have any other nicknames for me, let me know please!</details><details>
Luna Lovegood and Rolf Erudite</details><details>
<summary>Parents' Jobs</summary>
My mum is a Wizarding naturalist and my dad works in the Ministry of Magic in the Department of Mysteries.</details><details>
11~But it's kinda obvious isn't it?</details><details>
<summary>Zodiac Sign</summary>
Virgo </details><details>
Female... DUH</details><details>
I'm straight and a single pringle! You'd have to be pretty darn awesome to change that!</details><details>
<summary>BFFs on HiH</summary>
Cappy~So kind and sweet and I KNOW I can trust her :) Alice Jones Erudite~My sister and BFF... she has the personality and dress code of our mother! Emily Green~She's never online but is truly a great friend! Rianna~a very kind person who is very nice to talk to! Clara Granger~So kind and gentle with you, and you can easily talk to her! Aloha~Darn she makes good food! IF YOU A'INT ALREADY FOLLOWING THESE AMAZIN' PEOPLE, FOLLOW 'EM NOW!</details><details>
Gryffindor! Although technically I would be a Gryffinclaw...</details><details>
<summary>Blood type</summary>
Pureblood (my mom is a pureblood and my dad is a pureblood... DUH).</details><details>
4 sisters and 2 brothers (my brothers thought that people would stalk them if I put them on here XD). An older sister named Ethel who is 19 (graduated Hogwarts), a twin named Lily who I am 4 seconds older than. Sadly, she is a squib. A 9-year-old sister named Alice, and a 6-year-old sister named Michelle. And my older brothers are Lysander and Lorcan who are twins and 13.</details><details>
<summary>FAMILY NOTE!</summary>
If you look up my father, it will say that his name is Rolf Scamander. This was my father's name when he went into hiding during the wizarding war. He had led Harry's dead family to Harry, and Voldemort planned to kill him too. So him, my mum, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, and Aunt Ginny went into hiding (I call them aunt and uncle because, after the wizarding world war, we all became like family).</details><details>
A dog named Gus, a doggie coming that’s a male havapoo!, a mini french bulldog named Cammie, a Kneazle named Buttercup, a family snowy owl named Kiwi, a barn owl shared with Lily named Sam, and a cat from my aunt Hermione named Crookshanks. PICS TO BE ADDED LATER :)</details><details>
Erudite Manor</details><details>
Canadian and English</details><details>
Pennywise holding my dead family and a failed grade</details><details>
Long blonde hair (Down to mid-arms), blue eyes, rosy cheeks, pink lips. small nose, and sometimes I wear glasses.</details><details>
Kind, lots of Fun, Creative, Addicted to Harry Potter XD, and a bookworm.
glitter-graphics.com </details><details>
<summary>Idols (in order)</summary>
Aunt Hermione, Aunt Ginny, Ethel, Mum.</details><details>
<summary>Quidditch Position</summary>
Seeker on the Gryffindor team</details><details>
<summary>Fav Class</summary>
Charms :)</details><details>
<summary>Fav Colors</summary>
Purple, pale pink, pale blue, teal/turquoise, and grey</details><details>
<summary>Favourite Quote About Me!</summary>
Love me or Hate me, I'm still gonna shine.</details><details>
Harry Potter, Dramione, art, reading, writing, kind people, coffee, rainbows, my friends, my family, and more.</details><details>
Draco Malfoy, long HiH lessons, bugs (not ladybugs or butterflies and I never kill bugs... although I would if I saw a Tick), rats/mice, and possums, people who talk about me behnd my back, people who are unkind, people who use me, and A LOT more.</details><details>
<summary>Other Places To Find Me!</summary>
I have many books in the library, I have many groups (just ask me for the link if you would like to join one), and you can also follow me on Pinterest!</details>

BACKSTORY: It was the afternoon of July 23rd, and I was going to check our muggle mail, while Lily was waiting for our Snowy Owl Kiwi to come back with the magic mail. I came back to the mail on the floor, and Lily sitting on the stairs sobbing. My parents were half smiling, half looking like they could eat a Hippogriff. I asked what was wrong, not remembering that today was 'Hogwarts letter day' and they handed me a letter. I read the first line on the envelope that read: "To Miss Luna Erudite." That's all I had to read. Then I stupidly said "c'mon Lily! let's open them together!" Then I realized the most horrifying thing. Lily was a squib! I had to go to Hogwarts all alone... Thanks For Reading! Don't Forget To Follow Me!
glitter-graphics.com -

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