Mabel (LEFT)

Smol sleepy icy bean

Nghhhh hewo. Advertising is fine, that’s all I have to say. Feel free to chat/ask questions, idc if it’s rude and I probably won’t bite.

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 46 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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uh... hewo. Im Mabel, sometimes LunaCat18 or Eliza. (LunaCat18 is my usually username for stuff, Id prefer to be called Eliza over Mabel, just plz ask first.) Blah blah, if you follow me I follow you, you know the drill. I love drawing, writing, Hamilton, the color black, music, my cat, and thats pretty much it. Im an INTJ, I cant hold decent conversations. Im a smol, ice cold, sleep-deprived gal who needs to vent a lot. I have a heart made of ice, its great for when I burn myself making tea. Im a Slytherclaw, if you have a problem too bad. Ive got a dark mind, Im a tsundere, I love doing roleplays, my OCs are somewhere below I think. I usually have dark circles under my eyes, I get about 3 hours of sleep a night, if I go to sleep. Im on discord as well as some other sites. Im usually on HiH, unless its rlly late for Eastern time, bc even if Im not sleeping, I dont do much on screens bc I have sensitive eyes. (It kills me that theres no dark mode on HiH) I also probably need some sort of therapy but whatever. I hate Twilight, I dont mind if you like it but just so you (whoevers reading this) know I really HATE it. Im left handed and a vegetarian, blah blah blah, dont make a big deal, if you thinks its cool then tell me, whatever. This is the dorm Im in, its a Hamilton one. Thats the link if you want to join, its called Schuyler Sisters. IM SORRY, I SUCK AT SOCIAL CUES PLZ FORGIVE ME IF I SCREW SOMETHING UP!

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House: Slytherclaw
Patronus: Wolf
Animagus: Crow
Wand: 10 inches, willow, unicorn hair
Amortentia: Rain, paper, and Lavender
Preferred pronoun: She/her
Favorite book series: (besides Harry Potter) Hunger Games, Warriors, Wings of Fire

(Press the arrows to see more stuff)
Reading, rain, animals, drawing, art, nighttime, climbing trees, HAMILTON, the color black, mint gum, tea, riddles, philosophical questions, writing

Loud noises, unorganized spaces, slow WiFi, sunscreen, clowns, bright lights/flashes, small talk, people I don’t know well (irl), fireworks, yo-yos, myself

Hehe I don’t have many nicknames... feel free to suggest some!
Mabel (Anyone)
Mei (Ask)
Luna (Anyone)
Eliza (Ask)
M (anyone, basically if you need to quote me or something)
Bell (Sophia Greengrass-Potter, anyone else has to ask)

Five foot 1, (I’m short) shoulder-length brown hair, grey-brown eyes, I usually wear black/dark grey, dark circles under my eyes, sunburnt face

Sexuality: I dOnT kNoW

Hobbies: Writing, drawing, art, listening to music

Black and light pink


Introvert, INTJ, not very trusting, icy until you get to know me, quiet, I am a little odd, reliable, I take a while to warm up to people SMOL ICY BEAN WHO PROBABLY NEEDS THERAPY AND AN ENFP FRIEND OR SIMILAR AND I HAVE A DARK MIND tsundere I need to vent a lot but rarely do, only to people I trust/can relate to

Blood status: Muggle-Born
Siblings: I have a twin sister and a younger brother...
Birthday: July 28th

Gender: Female
Boggart: UHHMMMMM not sharing
Relationship status: Single (because fictional characters don't count and my heart has been closed and locked since I was 9) Wanna ship me? Fine. I’m still shippable...

Favorite type(s) of music: TwentyOne Pilots, Lofi (Just general lofi on Youtube), Nightcore, AmaLee, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Hamilton
A few of my fav songs: Everytime we touch, Lemon Boy, the Hanging Tree, Everything Moves, Burn, My Heart Goes Nana, DotA, My songs know what you did, Guns and Ships, 7 Years old

<summary>Some stuff about music and me</summary>
Music allows me to cope with almost anything, it’s one of the only things I live for, besides art and writing. Music can make me sob, yet not in the same way that people do. Don’t love, your heart will only get broken. Don’t trust people, EVER. The world is full of lies and heartbreakers.

Kahala Naga
Lucy Pena
Lara Jean
Angelica Schuyler
✧Will di Angelo ✧
Sophia Greengrass-Potter

I love my OCs so much, I’m so mean to them. UwU <3 ♡ most stuff that I write about them doesn’t change stuff for rps. Their ages change depending on the rp I guess but they are usually like 13-16 maybe?

Name: Moon (No, she's not related to Luna Lovegood in any way, stop asking)
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, has a kinda dark mind, very smart, doesn't get along with others much, often alone
Age: It varies but she’s the youngest of the three, only slightly younger
Looks: Long, pale hair dyed pink at the ends, wears large sweatshirts and black pants, usually wears a scarf, has gray-blue eyes, short and smol but can kill you
Nickname: Haha don't you dare unless you’re Ash or Wren (Wren calls her Moony, Moon hates it)
Other: Has a soft side that almost never shows, had some childhood trauma (does not openly share this, might share through rp but it depends on what kind) Ash teaches her how to draw stuff, she can draw better than I can (but I draw crap) she tells herself not to love because it will only break her, tsundere, she has Moonpi (her cat that she calls Pi) in roleplays
If you rp with me you will find out more
Would probably kill you for $18 if it’s necessary

Name: Wren
Gender: Female
Personality: kind, really sweet, compassionate
Age: ehh idk a little older than Moon
Looks: VERY LONG brown hair, light blue streak, usually wears light blue or yellow, has hazel eyes, tall ish
Nickname: n o n e
If you rp with me you will find out more (like I said) XD
Very overdramatic, plays with her hair a lot, honestly makes everyone laugh, sometimes randomly brings home kittens, gave Pi to Moon

Name: Ash
Gender: Male
Personality: Shy, kind, easily amused
Age: idk but he’s the oldest by a few months
Looks: short, spiky grey hair, tall, green eyes
Nickname: none?
Other: overall very sweet and kind, Will murder you if you mess with Wren and/or Moon, rlly good at making tea, is an amazing artist

<summary>About Moonpi</summary>
Moonpi is a fluffy dark grey Turkish Van kitten with two different colored eyes. She was given to Moon as a random gift from Wren. Moon calls her Pi and did not want the cat at first, but now they are rlly close. She likes to swim and bite people’s ankles.

My main warriors OC:
Species: Cat (For warriors rps)
Name: Icemist
Gender: She-cat (med cat but might have kits someday XD )
Personality: Shy, very smart, often alone, a bit odd
Age: 12 moons
Looks: All white, fluffy pelt, one yellow eyes, one blue eye

<summary>A small magic trick to hopefully make you happy</summary>
I have a magic trick to show you.
Watch this.
Hello. Wanna see something cool?
*types some letters into an IPad*
You. Yes, you, reading this. You are unstoppable. The world is a better place with you here. You are kind and smart and unique and funny. Do not let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Have a great day/night, get some sleep.
<3 <3
*you smile*
Now, wasn’t that magical?

Check out some of this music ⬇️

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Kay wow if you actually read this whole thing and actually care about any of this, you deserve a medal or somethin
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