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Sup! Pretty much to describe me it’s like if Remus and Tonks had a sarcastic child in Slytherin : P

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Phoenix Lupin

I grew up in the small town of Storybrook as an orphan. I had never met my parents because they had died at the same time when I was young. I did not know but I am a witch and I later learned that my parents where killed by Voldemort during his first rain. I got my letter when I was a 11 and was soon off to Hogwarts. When I got on the train I was alone, I’m not good at making friends.
I’m exactly like if Remus Lupin and Tonks had a sarcastic child in Slytherin.

Appearance: Metamorphmegus (can change appearance) (Naturally):
Black/dark brown hair, Hazel, light skin, 5’9.

They are a metamorphmegus so they can have whatever hair they chose but usually there hair represents there mood:
Red: Angry
Orange: Surprised
Green: envy, hurt (emotionally or physically)
Blue: (Unknown)
Pink: Happy
Purple: Scared or embarrassed
Grey: Sad or even Depressed
Black: Lonely or mediocre mood
Rainbow: Exited
Flipping though colours: Nervous

(If you want to change the time period than I can change who there parents are)
They’re a werewolf like there father Remus Lupin but since werewolf scratch’s are magical there metamorphmegus powers can’t hide the scratch's so they have one long scratch from there right eyebrow to there left cheek. They also have scratch’s all down there neck and the rest of there body so they always where longs sleeves and turtlenecks and long clothing even in the summer heat.

Gender: Non-binary
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Age: 13 (depends on rp)
Patronus: Cat
Personality (Usually):
Sarcastic, bookworm, cool-ish geek, adventures, only has a few friends but are SUPER supportive of them, sadly good at keeping secrets, you could tell her anything and she would keep it a secret (good listener), VERY sarcastic and she at least thinks she’s funny :P
Hobbies: Playing Quidditch, pulling pranks, reading, writing.
Favourite outfit: Ripped jeans, black choker, My Chemical Romance T-shirt, leather army boots and a black leather jacket. (Punk rock style clothes in general)
Favourite place: Anywhere she’s not supposed to be, Library, the (normal) willow by the lake.
Favourite food: Chocolate
Bad habits: Bites lip when worried, rolls eyes to much, usually is misunderstood because of her sarcastic and slightly dark sense of humour.

Notes: She has trouble making friends & is very social awkward.


Sage Meijer

Gender: Girl
Sexuality: Pansexual
Godly Parent: Hades lord of the Underworld

Personality: Doesn’t like herself, Shy/rude when you don’t know her, sarcastic, closed to others, introvert, loyal , smart, emo.

Looks: Emo, black messy pixie cut hair that covers her eyes.

Special abilities (they all tire her out quite fast if she uses them to much, and could lead too death): Controle bones, raise the dead, shadow travel and summon fire.

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