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This is the profile of a muggle-born witch,(maybe)future author,and a proud ravenclaw 1st year!

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Hello all! I am quite new to Hogwarts and I can't wait to see more of magic! I got my Hogwarts letter one random day after school and I could hardly contain myself! Thanks to the sorting hat, I got sorted into Ravenclaw it really was a breath of fresh air.One of my other best friends had already been sorted into Ravenclaw but my other two best friends are in Hufflepuff, so I still try to be the best Ravenclaw I can be.I don't think I'd be loyal enough to pass as a Hufflepuff, I'm not brave enough to fit into Gryffindor either, and not nearly confident enough with myself enough to be a Slytherin, so I'm glad Ravenclaw was a perfect fit.I really enjoy all of my classes even though History Of Magic is a bit snooze-worthy.My favourite class would probably be Charms,but I enjoy Astronomy just as much.I am a (very proud)muggle-born wizard,and being a muggle-born hasn't been anything too amazing,many other students would probably agree with me.Sometimes a few students will still think we Muggleborns are "beneath them".Which is why I know I must work just as hard.I would say that my greatest strength is trying to see the world differently because I know that no one is the same.My greatest weakness however is losing track of everything! Weather it be an object,or time,or even what im currently doing! After I finish Hogwarts,I think I may want to become an author,but I am sure that I would want to use magic for the good of people even if that means a life-long journey. Currently I have a pet turtle named Leroy,who is a quiet little thing but really just wants to be everywhere at once. My family was very thrilled when they found out I was a wizard,but it took a while to assure my mother everything was fine.She still questions the decision to send me to Hogwarts, but I really couldn't be anywhere better.

Physical Description: Average height,medium length brown hair (in a braid) ,amber eyes,tanned skin,and usually wearing a faded green jacket in free time.

Wand:Cedar wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 ½" and slightly springy flexibility

Patronus:Pine Marten

Favourite Magical Creature:Niffler or Thestral

Amazing Ladies I Look Up To: Hermione Granger,Luna Lovegood,Millicent Bagnold.

Owl's name: Georgie (Barn Owl)

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