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I’m a Gryffindor, and love DADA and Charms. I am open to anyone wanting to be friends, and love all houses.

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I wasn’t immediately put into Gryffindor, at first the hat was deciding between that house, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. But after a little while I was put into the house of lions. But I do believe in house equality! Every house has people who hold great potential, and I don’t believe in downgrading any of them.

I love Hogwarts and everything to do about magic, except I really don’t enjoy History or Potions. Well, I think potions are really interesting, I’ve just never had the full on concentration for that kind of thing. I was never able to cook or bake either. Though I don’t enjoy those subjects, Defense, Charms, and Transfiguration are great! I love learning new spells and strings like that.

My life before Hogwarts was kinda tough, but it wasn’t awful. I am a halfblood, though barely. The only wizard in my family was my father. But he passed when I was four. Other then that, no magic in my family. So I was raised as a Muggle. Which I’m happy about. I feel like in some people, magic will make them lazy. And as I learn new spells, I most likely will get more lazy, but I still will use the Muggle way a lot. I have a younger, Muggle sister named Brianna, and she is my best friend. Not that ever had many friends to begin with, I was a very shy person. But now at Hogwarts I hope to make some close friendships.

My wand, is 13 3/4 inches, hazel wood, Phoenix feather core, and flexible. I love my wand very much and bring it with me everywhere. One, because I’m afraid to loose it. Two, because I am proud of it. And three, because I’m a paranoid person. I guess I’m not afraid of someone trying to kill me, but you know, just in case.

Some of my interests. I love flying a lot, I hope to be a Chaser eventually. Before Hogwarts I was an All Star cheerleader. (There is a huge difference between all star and high school cheerleading). I was a flyer on that team, and I really do love flying. I have forever loved the idea of it. So, I am really excited for when I’m good enough to try for the team.
I also love camping. I didn’t do it since I was probably five or six, but it is really fun. I love nature and being outdoors, and I am not afraid of most bugs.... but am terrified of bees for some reason. I’m not afraid of being stung, there just really creepy looking.
Reading is amazing. Well, most reading. I read classics, real fairytales, and any type of fiction. I am known in my family as a bookworm. Writing is good too, but only if I’m in the mood.
I play the piano kind of. I’m taking lessons at least. And for the guitar too.
Animals are amazing. Me and my family have two guinea pigs and a Dalmatian dog, Liberty. We used to have a cat, but she passed away. And we had a bunny, a fish, hamster, and other Dalmatian. But animals don’t last forever. Actually, our rabbit died because my little sister would feed it cupcakes and other junk. She was pretty strange. Still is actually. I love cats so much. I love the little black ones the best, that’s what my old cat was. There just adorable! And I love dogs, but the real big ones drool and scratch me too much. But I still love them. I also really want a snake. Real bad. But where me and my family are living doesn’t accept more then one animal. Me and my mom literally just went to the store and bought three guinea pigs. We really shouldn’t have, but one died a year after we got him, so I guess it’s not as bad.

That’s basically me! Sorry if it was too long, I was going to make it longer. But I don’t know how long these are supposed to be. So I just did a kind of big one.
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