Animal Lover Paige


Hia I am A slitherpuff! I am kind and caring but also feirce and willing to fight!

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I have four fingers. I am a magical creature expert. I am also a magical plant expert. I love animals. I am very kind. I have healing powers, nature powers and water powers. I only heal animals and plants. But now and then people who are kind. I can speak all animals including snakes I am half slyitherin But not all. I was born in the water. I have lived in the water my whole life. I have a mermaid tail when I am in water but out of water I am a normal girl. When I got the invitation i was so happy! I am a pure blood. My dad went to Slithering and my mom was in hufflepuff. I am the only child and I am a Slitherpuff! I have a pet mule. She was born in the water with a mermaid tail. Her name is Albion. Paige and Albion is my book. Its about my life. I also have a regular mule named Sweetie and another named Mazy.
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