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Hi, I'm Ru.I'm Non-Binary, and love anime, cartoons, writing, and especially reading. All About me BASIC: House: Slytherin Wand: Alder Wood, phoenix feather core, 13 inches, and strange swishy flexibility. Pronouns: They/Them, Lie/Liar, Hero/Hero's Wattpad: Discord: vSpirit#0889 Side Note: I've been seeing this stuff about like, virtual HiH siblings and family? If you want can we be in a family? Yes I'm talking to you, I'm desperate at this point. Just post on my wall if your interested. ____________________________________________________________ My HiH family (Cough Cough, Cult) Corvus - ____________________________________________________________ FLOOFER NOOGET ZEE Angie ( Temp Klasey (hope I spelt that right) (


Rose Barbanch Age: 13 Year: 3rd year Pronouns: She/Her Appearance: Characteristics: Odd. Stalker (Tho she prefers you say watcher since stalker sounds creepy) Likes: Improvisation acting, History books, other books. Old style. Hobbies: Sneaking into other houses common rooms, Sitting at other houses table's. Creeping people out by sitting in trees and watching them. Reading. Broom racing. Use: My Hogwarts RP's (Unless I say I'm gonna use someone different) Rainy Brown Age: 15 hair: short blond eyes: green Pronouns: He/Him Characteristics: Quiet, shy. Likes: Science Hobbies: Nothing Use: You won't see Rainy a lot. That is because he is Rose's brother who is a a year younger then her.


<summary>Non Fandom related OC's</summary>

Alice Airen Age: 15 (I think) Hair: Medium, and black. Eyes: Bright blue Pronouns: She/Her Characteristics: Kind, courage's, sweet. Likes: Her cat, hanging out with her sister and brother and uncle. Hobbies: Archery, thats kinda it. Use: For The Tales of Hallow group rp made by Yuki Malfoy Other physical features: Freckles _____________________________________________ Illy Raymen Age: 17ish I guess I don't really know. Hair: Short brown hair Eyes: Dark eyes Pronouns: They/Them Characteristics: Quick on her feet, honest. Likes: Acrobatics. Hobbies: Acrobatics, talking. (The hole deal with them is that they are a bounty hunter, and has amnesia) Use: For any muggle rp that I don't know much about the setting or anything. _________________________________________________ Quincy Age: 19 Hair: Ginger curly hair Eyes: Brown Pronouns: She/Her Characteristcs: Strict, relatively friendly Likes: Music, Plays Hobbies: Playing the Viol, Acting Use: Kingdom of Opomus Job: Barmaid although she wants to be an entertainer State: Bynderr Special skills: Can play the Viol. ________________________________________________ Dara Evlyn-Root Age: 14 Hair: short wavy Brown hair, ocean blue on the bottom half, Eyes: Brown Characteristics: Bubbly, quick to judge, Short tempered, Role: Witch Pronouns: She/Her City: Alrien (Hope I spelled that right) Side: Undecided Short description of powers: Invisibility, that's kinda it. Appearance: , wheres a black knee length dress and a white color. (Think old fashion school uniforms) tan skin Backstory: Dara is very open about her life. She had a normal life, (apart from having a very sickly brother) until she turned 8. On her 8th birthday her brother, began coughing uncontrollably and died. She ran away from home the very next day. Extra info: she is ace, and is homoromantic. Use: The Shadow Lands ___________________________________________________ Annabella Elliseea (Call her Ann or Bella) Age: 15 (People think she is older since she acts so proper all the time) Hair: short Black hair dyed periwinkle and the ends. (okay sorry I love that type of hairstyle, it's my actul hairstyle but with brown hair dyed blond) Eyes: Brown eyes. Characteristics: Proper, Strict, Humorless. Likes: Tea, Silence. Pronouns: She/Her Hobbies: Reading, Writing poetry, making tea. Use: Super hero role play Superpowers: Invisibility and Telepathy Superhero outfit: Does not matter as long as she were's her punk 80's black shoes. (Look I have an old soul I like old 80's and 30's stuff don't judge me) ___________________________________________ (Ru)by Miller Age: 16 Hair: blue dyed long hair Eyes: green Pronouns: They/Them Characteristic: Cheerful, shy, short Hobbies: Adventuring Likes: Nature Use: Adventure rp's ________________________________________ Name: Zell Age: 17 Gender and Sexuality: Non-Binary and only attracted to girls Personality: Stand offish. Quiet. Stubborn. Appearance: I'll post a drawing of zir later so for now you get this cuz I'm lazy: Kingdom: Scarla Occupation: Knight (Althogh ze doesn't like it) Powers of Attorney: I don't know what to put here help. Family: Has a brother who lives in Kiarim and is an knight (althogh not very strong one), and a sister who lives in Clarium who is a villager. (Profiles are below \/ ) History: Left home at 14 and ended up making zir way to Scarla. Other things: Ze/Zir pronouns Use: Heroes and Villains Name: Leva Age: 15 Gender and Sexuality: Cis-Girl and pan Personality: Kind. Sweet. Friendly. Appaerence: " " Kingdom: Clarium Occupation: Villigar, and works at a tavern Powers of Attorney: Still don't know what that means please help Faimly: Zell, and has a brother (Profile is below \/ ) History: After about a year after Zell left Leva's, brother wanted to pursue a job at a libry or another education focused job. She also decided to go her seprete way. Other Things: She/Her pronouns Use: Heroes and Villains Name: Elver Age: 16 Gender and Sexuality: Trans ftm and not sure of his sexuality. Personality: Booksmart, analitical. Apearence: " " Kingdom: Kiarim Occupation: Knight, althogh would rather be a libarian or something like that Powers of Attorney: I- you know what you get it. I need help Faimly: Zell, and Leva History: After Elver left, he tried to get a job at a libary but instead ended up being a knight Other Things: He/Him pronouns and also has anxiety. Use: Heroes and Villains

<summary>Cartoons OC's</summary>

The Hollow: She-ra: Avatar the last airbender: Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts: The Dragon Prince: Race to the Edge/How to Train Your Dragon: Gravity Falls: Star vs the Forces of Evil: The Owl House: Rise of the Guardians:

<summary>Book OC's</summary>

Percy Jackson: Winterborne Home: The Chronicles of Narnia: A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Shannara Series: A Place Called Perfect: The Mysterious Benedict Society: The Land of Stories/A Tale of Magic: Spirit Animals:



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