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I have won the Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award, which, I admit, boosted my self-confidence in my understanding and performance of transfiguration spells. After winning the award, I decided to dedicate my time and effort in going into the field of research where I am now one of the leading researchers who are trying to debunk the mysteries behind transfiguration magic. Recently, I have been working with a bunch of potioneers, magical creature enthusiasts, as well as herbologists to try to debunk what could possibly give objects and creatures inherent magical power and resistance to this power. My next research (which I have already proposed to the Ministry board so don't even try thinking of stealing it or you will get a massive fine), though not within the transfiguration category, will be to work with expert curse breakers, aurors, and speak to some prisoners in Azkaban to understand what specific part of the dark arts taints the soul. Is it there a property of the arts which corrupts a person or is it the maleficence and delusion of power?

Next research proposal: A Time Delay Spell

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