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"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

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Just 3 kids, looking to cause some trouble.

<details><summary> Cruz </summary>

⤿ Cruz Kalawaiʻa

⤿ 19

⤿ don't know tbh

⤿ playin’ round

Cruz is an islander whose parents run the one-and-only restaurant in the country. Their restaurant is set on the beach, to the west of the island, so that their customers can watch the sun set in the evening. As a result, their restaurant is booming with money, therefore making him rich, by islander standards.

However, he doesn't spend or ask for much, not because he's modest or unselfish, but rather because he doesn't want anything he doesn't need. He likes a practical and simple lifestyle and is used to the routines that come with living on a tiny island. Frankly, he's not interested in the city lifestyle. A few visits to the larger islands and a trip to Europe only proved to him how much he hates the suffocation of big cities.

His best friend is Bao, a black cat that follows him around. Like most young people on his island, he spends his evenings surfing or diving from the cliffs or flipping the Monopoly board out of frustration because the Wi-Fi sucks ass. Otherwise, he's helping the fathers and uncles of the island prepare boats for fishing or going to the makeshift 'school' with the rest of the neighborhood kids, surrounded by a forest of banana trees. Additionally, sometimes he offers tours to the tourists that visit his parents' restaurant and shows them around the island. He also can cook and loves helping his parents in the restaurant.

He's well-known around the island, partly because of his parents' business and partly as the only person who knows how to fix the TV. Due to the conservative nature of the islanders, it's not within his culture to openly date. However, he ignores this and likes having a little fun once in a while. Also, the islanders are all very superstitious. Only fools roam around at night with the demons and ghosts.



Fc: Chase Stokes

<details><summary> Zaylee </summary>


Name: Zaylee Roberts

Age: 19

Sexuality: Straight

Status: No one here that I can see


From Morocco, Zaylee is an outgoing young lady who leads a life full of color and festivity. A bit of a dreamer, with a rather positive outlook for the future, she finds happiness in the smallest of things. She thoroughly believes in finding the silver lining to every grey cloud and views happiness as the number one priority, whatever the occasion.

Outgoing as she is, she doesn't keep any close friends. Though she gets along with everyone, there's no one special- at least not yet. She doesn't think most people would click with her habits of exploring the great outdoors from unusual -and most likely not the safest- angles, which gets amazing pictures by the way. A little more than a little bit claustrophobic; she can't stand being locked indoors or any space for that matter, especially if it's crowded.

However, parades, festivals and theme parks are her best friends. She's a believer of what she sees, but she also holds a lot of trust in the people close to her and will take their word rather than doubt them. As a mediator type, she knows how to stand her ground but does so politely. Conflict resolution is one of her greatest strengths.

She's definitely an adventurous kind of girl. She's not quiet but she does love spending alone time by herself, usually taking walks through forests or meadows or just down the street. She can be found loitering anywhere where there are big trees and lots of flowers. Exploring the back alleyways and hidden paths? Yes. She's always looking for new, interesting scenery.



Fc: @christinanadin

<details><summary> Cole </summary>


‣ Cole Reid

‣ 19

‣ Bi bitch

‣ Lonely as hell


Born to a Portugese mother and a Canadian father, Cole grew up in a moderately well-off family with his parents and his younger sister, Macey, in a more secluded area in Canada. His father is a member of the most highly-respected gangs in the area, leading to Cole and his sister learning to constantly turn a blind eye whenever he comes home from work with blood on his shirt.

When he's not playing video games, usually the online multiplayer shooting ones, he's probably sleeping. He's a night-owl who likes running around out in the dark, chasing Northern Lights and UFOs that 10 out of 10 times are most definitely not UFOs but that doesn't stop him.

He can come off as a bit rude or intimidating, due to a rough childhood, but deep down he’s secretly a softie. With his dad being in a gang, Cole was taught how to fight and protect himself, both externally and internally. This caused lots of walls to be put up, and he never lets anyone in.

Sometimes, he takes a half-an-hour trip with his friends to a skateboard park where they usually get up to things that are no good *ahem* coughing on cigarettes that his mother loathes and the occasional cans of beer and bottles of alcohol. He's had a few flings, a couple exes, none of them tasteful enough to keep around. Maybe it's because he never fit in with the crowd he hangs around.

Truthfully, rather than the repetitive shooting games, he much prefers the role play ones, and even more than that, he loves puzzles. But don't tell anyone about the collection of Mystery Case Files games on his secret hard drive! That's embarrassing- he has a reputation to keep. And friends who'll tease him endlessly.

Here’s another secret he keeps from his friends: he loves reading and poetry. He has a favourite book, Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. Unbeknownst to his friends and family, he goes to the library about once a week to check out new books and write poetry.



‣ Andrew Davila

<details><summary> Admin </summary>
Just another person who has been here for a long while and decided to make a group account for fun because why not. (:

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