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Natalia Alianova Romanova
⇏1984. Stalingrad
⇏Russian (formerly)
Natasha Romanoff
Natalie Rushman
Black Widow
The Notary

⇏Green eyes
⇏Red hair
⇏Pale skin

⇏witty and sarcastic

⇏ Red Room Program (former)
⇏ KGB (former)
⇏ Hydra (former)
⇏ Shield (current)

⇏Early years
Natasha never met her real parents. In her early childhood, she was raised by a Russian man, named Ivan Petrovich, which became her adoptive father.
At a young age she was recruited by the KGB and became part of the Black Widow program. She trained at the Red Room Academy, together with other girls her age. During her years in the Red Room, her education focused on her spying and fighting skills, both with and without weapons of any sort; but also on her indoctrination and brainwashing. During her training years, she met James "Bucky" Barnes, who had been brainwashed and transformed into Hydra's best agent: the Winter Soldier. Both shared a romantic interest, which caught the authorities attention who soon forced them apart.
In the Red Room she soon proved her ability, becoming the best Black Widow ever, and one of the best secret agents in the world.
⇏KGB and Hydra years
In the first years of her career, she was an agent for both KGB and Hydra. There aren't many public informations about her work for both parties. Soon she got is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s radar: she was seen as a deadly enemy and they sent agent Clint Barton to kill her.
However, Barton decided to spare her life, giving her a chance to become a SHIELD agent. Natasha saw that opportunity as the only way to let her past behind and start a new life, fighting for the right values, she had discovered.
During her career as a Shield agent, Natasha managed to obtain an high clearance level, becoming one of the most important agents on national level. She fought alongside with the Avengers in New York, during the Chitauris' invasion; in Sokovia to defeat Ultron, and in the universal battle against Thanos. She also helped Tony Stark to fight the Russian Whiplash and fought side by side with Steve Rogers against Hydra agents who infiltrated Shield. This last mission brought her face to face with her past: she shared all Shield information with the public, revealing her Russian past, together with all the secrets of the agency.

rp rules and credit
⇏ third person
⇏ no **
⇏ long answers: no less than 5 sentences
⇏ if you're not interested in the rp anymore, let me know.
⇏ if I take some more time to answer, remember that I have a lot going on irl. I'll try my best to answer every day.</center>
⇏ credit to cinna who figured out the google fonts trick

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