Corrine Testudine

Chamber Music Band Conductor

Hi! I'm Corrine Testudine, clarinetist, conductor of the Hogwarts Chamber Music ensemble, and magical creature enthusiast! Welcome to my page!

  • Joined April 2020
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 39 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


An Ilvermorny-transfer student specializing in magizoology and the care and restoration of magical creatures. I’m more book-smart than street-smart with magical creatures, and usually get flustered when I come face-to-face with a magical creature, but know almost everything about how to take care of them and their behaviors. Almost.
During the summers I go out with my magizoologist mentor and get more experience in the field, but currently, I’m more focused on my Hogwarts education. One day I dream of becoming an animagus.
I have a pet golden snidget named Nysa I nursed back to health when some boys were attempting to play Quidditch with it and their beater hit it out of the air, so she’s fiercely loyal to me but skittish around anyone else. I also have a non-magic painted turtle from America named Celery that I keep in a magic purse.
I enjoy music and play clarinet and conduct in the Hogwarts Chamber Music ensemble (
I’m a half-blood Slytherpuff, but mainly Slytherin (I'm a Thunderbird in Ilvermorny), with a 10 3/4” hard ash wood wand with a core of unicorn hair, and a bloodhound Patronus.
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