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It's no secret my sorting was a hatstall between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Unlike some short sighted members of my house, I'm very proud I was considered worthy of Slytherin, as it's a house that many great and powerful witches and wizards have come from, who weren't afraid of standing up for what they believe in... sure some believed in killing people who weren't like them... but shh. That's the vocal minority. However I'm not a fan of green, so naturally, Gryffindor was for me. Only kidding (kind of). Gryffindor is where I feel more at home and I'd be lying if I said its values weren't closer to my heart. So here I am, a Half-Blood metal fan, in my Gryffindor colours at last.

People often think all Gryffindors are loud and are incredibly social creatures. I am not. I know lots of people, but only have a couple of close friends, and would rather be doing something more worthwhile than charging around the castle like some Bicorn in a cauldron shop, being abnoxious. While incredibly sarcastic and a clown, I'm definitely on the quiet side and very openly detest the superficial side of school life. Why people are so interested in who's dating who, and who snogged in a broom cupboard last night when you're next door to a forest containing all sorts of interesting creatures, I don't know. People like that need to sort out their priorities in my opinion. Either that, or should stop being incredibly boring. Quidditch, Duelling and exploring is much more interesting than gossiping in corridors or hiding behind shelves in the library to look at your crush trying to study like a creep. Honestly, shallow people like that make my blood boil. 

I am probably more likely to lose house points by being caught out of bed at night in the corridors and grounds than I am for playing up in class. Still, my sarcasm can get me in trouble with the wrong professors from time to time. Especially if I dislike the subject. For instance, Astronomy has to be the most monotonous subject ever in my opinion. Especially as many classes take place at night when I'd rather be doing more important things with my time after the sun's gone down. Okay, maybe I'm inclined to lose points for sarcasm, breaking curfew, and get the odd detention or two for skipping Astronomy every now and again... but oh well. I'm not going to be an Astronomer once I leave Hogwarts, so I for one don't care that much. Detention just means I don't have to watch people behaving like idiots after class anyway, so bring it on!

Oh, and if you see a fat, blue eyed siamese cat around the castle, please don't feed him anything with cheese. He'll puke on your shoes, and I really don't want to teach you cleaning charms you're too lazy to learn yourself. Just give him lots of pets and tell him to watch his language. 



Other Info:


Favourite Quidditch Team: Falmouth Falcons


Wand Wood: Ebony

Wand Core: Phoenix Feather

Wand Length: 13 Inches Exactly

Wand Flexibility: Unbending


Patronus: Wolf


Abilities: Metamorphmagus

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