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Hey! I'm a new Manager for the HDN, Head Interviewer for the HiH Yearbook, Assistant Manager for the Golden Portkey Awards and much more.

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Hey- My name is Jess Granger! I'm a Hufflepuff, Daughter of Athena and from District 5! I'm super excited to start here! Can't wait to meet everyone! Please read the books I have written, join the groups I have made and feel free to chat to me! (Just click on the text to see the info)

<summary>My Family</summary>
Mother: Catherine Granger Father: Caspar Granger Sister: Jackie Granger Sketch of me and Jackie: Cat: Houdini </details>

<summary>Info About Me</summary>
My name is Jessica Gabriella Granger. My mother is Catherine Granger and my father is Caspar Granger. They are both magical so I'm a Pure-Blood. I have a younger sister named Jackie and a ginger cat named Houdini. If you didn't know, I'm related to the famous Hermione Granger. My grandfather's cousin is Hermione's dad. Making my dad and Hermione second cousins ( I think) She's my first, second or third cousin once or twice removed. It's hard to explain (and I really don't know) so I'll just show you the family tree: I was born in Australia and I attended The Blue Mountain College for the Education of Young Witches and Wizards for a few years. I loved the school but my parents decided they wanted me to go to Hogwarts, because Hermione went there, and we moved a year later. I've managed to fit in at Hogwarts although I do get questions about my accent sometimes! I'm friends with my sort of cousins, Rose and Hugo, as well as the Potter kids, James, Lily and Albus. I guess I'm sort of friends with Scorpius as well even though he's rather annoying, constantly flirting or chatting with Rose. My favourite subjects are DADA and Herbology. I love writing newspaper articles, poetry, books and many more. The fandoms I'm in are Hunger Games, Divergent, ASOUE, Percy Jackson, Twilight, TFIOS, Maze Runner, TATBILB, Narnia and that's to name a few. Anyway, nice meeting you! If you ever want to talk I'm around! Name: Jessica Granger Nicknames: Jess House: Hufflepuff Blood Status: Pure-Blood Wand: Cypress wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 ½" and slightly yielding flexibility. Patronus: Russian Blue Cat Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 5"8" Description: Medium length brown hair, usually in a bun, blueish green eyes.</details>

My group for fans of my books: I'm writing a book about the Hunger Games from Foxface's perspective! Enjoy!</details>

<summary>My OC's</summary>
Camp Half-Blood: Name: Jessalyn Granger Nicknames: Jess/Lyn Years at Camp: 1 Birthday: September 5th Godly Parent: Athena Mortal Parent: Caspar Granger Abilities: Can read minds and influence decisions. Weapon: Throwing knives, intelligence and spear. Height: 5"3" Description: Medium length black hair, usually in a ponytail, brown eyes. Hunger Games/ Panem: Name: Jessamine Granger Nicknames: Jess/J/Min/Jessa District: 5 Birthday: March 17th Skills: Knife throwing, intelligence and spear 5"5" Description: Shoulder length blonde hair, usually in a braid/s, blue eyes.</details>

<summary>My Jobs</summary>
I'm a new Manager for the Hogwarts Daily News, Head Interviewer for the HiH Yearbook, Assistant Manager for the Golden Portkey Awards, Coach of the Hogwarts Netball Team, creator of Fandom Weekly News (a now retired newspaper company), Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team (run by Lizzie Tonks) and an author! I'm a very busy person but I always have time to chat! Feel free to owl me or post on my wall whenever you want!</details>

<summary>My Moods</summary>


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<summary>House Pride</summary>
Made by ✪Ginny W♕</details>
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