I am an American, not British, And we call muggles, “a no-maj"(see fantastic beast) So I’m a yes-Maj

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I am an American, not British, And we call muggles, “no-maj’s“ (see fantastic beast) So I’m a yes-Maj (Later)

I am 11 years old. this is my first year. AND THE SORTING HAT GOT MY HOUSE WRONG! He somehow got on my head and yelled out "RAVENCLAW" During lunch. My friends in Grifendor looked at me in shock. I was Captain of the first year Gryffindor team. I heard people whisper and talked about how my brain was not British. I looked at my only friend in Ravenclaw, Alys, and thought about being as smart as them. I went pale but went over there. People started Talking a bit more about my tittle as a yes-Maj and Stared as somehow My uniform turned into a Ravenclaw's uniform and my red strip of hair into blue. I stared at Alys and took the hat off. As Profesor McGonigle Took the hat, I silently went to sit with her, while bringing my food. I took a bite out of my Peanut Butter and hiney sandwich with bananas silently and then spoke. "Oh, My Glob."

later I sang a song in front of the whole school because people were being bullied. (Link to it! As I did, elevated and I transformed into a griffendor. my true colors.
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